Σtella’s “Nomad” on the Aegean Sea

Watch Σtella’s Official Video for “Nomad” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvgeK2ba2n8


Up and Away Available Worldwide This Friday NOW from Sub Pop "Future-retro pop perfection... impossibly catchy and effortlessly intoxicating.” DJ "Σtella combines traditional Greek instruments with ‘70s/'80s-inspired disco; pop feel, creating a Eurovision-like mood that you probably wouldn't expect to find on a Sub Pop release." Uncut "an elegant and sophisticated union of vintage Greek music and sleek modern pop." Brooklyn Vegan "Greek indie favourites gorgeous fourth taps her family roots" **** MOJO

Σtella directs and stars in the official video for “Nomad,” a new offering from Up and Away. Filmed overnight on a traditional Greek fishing boat sailing the Aegean Sea, the “Nomad” video finds Σtella singing in the shadows, with the visual perfectly capturing the longing and heartbreak in the song."

Up and Away will be available this Friday, June 17th on Sub Pop. The Athens-based painter, visual artist, and performer presents a vintage-flecked pop paean to the pangs and raptures of love. Exploring growth, change, and Σtella’s personal and musical journey so far, it proves Heraclitus was right; you never step in the same river twice.

“Its title comes from the opening track, "up, up, and away we go"! My excitement levels had hit the roof! I felt like I was flying!” Σtella declares. For a Greek-born, English-singing songwriter, Σtella’s prospects for a viable long-term career within her home country’s traditional landscape once appeared slim, but she remained positive. “I was happy doing what I love; making music I’ve listened to my whole life,” she says. Now, Up and Away emerges from her rediscovering the 50s and 60s record collection her parents raised her on.

Joining forces with artist and producer Tom Calvert (aka Redinho), Up and Away took shape after their mutual appreciation for Khruangbin, Elias Rahbani, and Aris San gradually inspired them to capture the authentic sound of Σtella’s home country. The rest, as they say, is Ancient history. “I’d been listening to old Greek folk/pop songs and was ready to dive into new musica territories. Tom had a similar desire of creating a vintage sound." Instantly stars aligned.

Up and Away features the aforementioned “Nomad” along with “The Truth Is,” “Charmed” and the title track, is available for preorder on CD/LP/DSPs from Sub Pop. Pre Orders from megamart.sub pop.com, select independent retailers in North America, and in the UK, and in Europe will receive the Loser Edition of the album on opaque blue vinyl.