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Aeon Station featuring Kevin Whelan of The Wrens release new single "Leaves"


Debut album Observatory

out December 10th via Sub Pop

(Cover Artwork HERE | Hi-Res Artist Photo HERE | Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz)

“Whelan is as equally expressive and in command on the minimalist piano ballads as on the full-blown rockers… the best music Whelan has ever made.” – New York Times

“This is exciting, dynamic, hooky indie rock and if it's not quite a Wrens song, that doesn't make it any less great.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“... a heartening return to form from Whelan.” – Consequence of Sound

Following his return to music after more than a decade, Kevin Whelan of AEON STATION is offering another look into his upcoming debut album "Observatory", out December 10th via Sub Pop, with the release of the second single “Leaves”. Listen to "Leaves" HERE Premiering today on Pitchfork, the track is a very special piece for one of the main songwriters of the iconic indie-rock band The Wrens. “‘Leaves’ is about finding the courage to leave negative people or situations behind. It is not about giving up or feeling defeated. It’s about learning self-love, finding your voice, and setting on a path for a chance at something better.” After roughly 18 years since The Wrens’ Meadowlands (2003) left the indie rock world in a daze, Whelan surprised last month with the release of “Queens,” the first single from "Observatory". Pitchfork points out that its “reliable Pixies-indebted soft-loud dynamic roars to life in thrilling distorted guitar riffs that remind me of old Weezer B-sides, and just as the song comes to a close, Whelan bursts into a barroom acoustic strummer that slowly fades.” UPROXX added, “The five-minute single starts off slowly but locks into place with crashing percussion and hard-driving guitar. From a sonic perspective, it’s quite the ‘we’re back’ proclamation.” Stereogum called the track “exhilarating” while MXDWN lauded it as “a hypnotic rock song that features an explosive chorus, ripping guitars and ethereal vocal lines creating a mesmerizing wall of sound.”

More than a decade in the making, Observatory is an album about the perseverance of the soul, not scared of vulnerability but not backing down to adversity either. The album pushes Whelan forward from his previous band’s sound, highlighting the gorgeous music pastiches he layered into those songs and amplifies them to soaring heights. With help on assorted tracks from his Wrens bandmates Jerry MacDonald (drums) and Greg Whelan (guitar) and producer/guitarist Tom Beaujour, this collection of tracks shines a bright light on his songwriting. “It’s the best I’ve done and may ever do frankly,” Whelan states. “It’s written over such a long period of my life. Music I did in the past was tinged with expectations or presumptions, but this time, it was just for me.

Observatory is now available for preorder on CD/LP/DSPs from Sub Pop. LP preorders from megamart.subpop.com, select independent retailers in North America, in the UK, and in Europe will receive the album on cloudy blue.

Aeon Station


Out December 10th via Sub Pop


1. Hold On

2. Leaves

3. Fade

4. Everything at Once

5. Move

6. Queens

7. Empty Rooms

8. Air

9. Better Love

10. Alpine Drive