• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Bastille - Give Me the Future

Before I start this review I need to say Bastille are not a band I would typically choose to listen to, so I had to very much open my mind to something quite different when listening to Give Me the Future.

First listen was a struggle because it was so far removed from my comfort zone and I think however much I tried to be open minded I still had a preconceived idea I wasn't going to like it. Fortunately, since I started writing reviews I have needed to really listen to albums in full that I’d normally discard after just a couple of songs. Of course, sometimes a record just doesn't resonate with you and nothing sticks. I could listen a thousand times and my opinion wouldn’t change from that first listen. Bastilles Give Me the Future opened up to me and by the second listen I could hear things I’d totally missed the first time as I was too busy being caught up in my expectations.

The album is interesting, it's got a great feel good vibe. Some songs make you want to grab a drink and dance all night while others make you wish you were chilling in the sun. Distorted Light Beam and No Bad Days really stood out to me as did the anthemic Shut Off the Lights. Give Me the Future is a really great album, perfect to get you in the mood for summer. I highly recommend it even if it's not your typical genre. I also challenge anyone to sit still while listening!

My advice is to open your mind to everything because you never know what you might find when you dare to step outside your comfort zone!

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