• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Beddy Ray's - Beddy Ray's

Australia's Beddy Ray's have created a cracker of a debut album!

The band formed back when the lads met at Primary School and became firm friends. Their music is about comradery and friendships.

Their Self Titled debut is a perfect album for summer with surfy vibes that make you want to grab some beers, grab your mates and head to the beach to have the time of your life.

Their sound borrows heavily from pop punk with infectious melodies and killer hooks. It's the ultimate in ‘feel good’ music. Perfect for getting any mosh bit going.

I listened to the album back to back multiple times and found it hard to pick up on any noteworthy themes but I don't think that matters. The album isn't about deep and meaningful or channeling angst it's about having fun and that’s why I love it. For someone who's obsessed with lyrics that hit deep or I can relate to it was nice to listen to a record that just made me smile.

Beddy Ray's are drinking music! Chanty, catchy songs that will ingrain themselves in your brain. The lyrics often talk about drinking themes too such as "Sobercoaster"

My favourite track on the album is single "Sort It Out". It's been a staple on my heavy rotation since I reviewed it a few months back. It's a great summer song the kind you can listen to back to back, over and over and never get tired of the band's happy carefree demeanor.

Acoustic "Brin's Song" is the only one to break the mold of the record with a much more thoughtful indie sound somewhat reminiscent of The Libertines. Its great, and brings the pace down nicely without leaving you feeling flat.

I started making notes of songs I particularly enjoyed or wanted to mention, then I realised I was writing them all down because they're all worthy of praise. My advice is go out in the sunshine and give this album a blast. Play it LOUD! I guarantee you'll not be disappointed!