• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Camp Cope - Running with the Hurricane

Formed in 2015 Running with the Hurricane is the third studio album from Melbourne rock trio Camp Cope and what an album it is!

As much as the bands I call my favourite are male fronted I would say overall I usually favour strong female vocals and Camp Cope are a gleaming example of this. Running with the Hurricane contains some of the best harmonising I've ever heard. Georgia's lead vocals are breathtaking.

The band cite themselves as "power EMO" which I would absolutely agree with; their sound is melodic, uplifting yet tinged with a certain darkness and yearning.

I feel nothing I write can do this album the justice it deserves, you need to hear it to appreciate its beauty and how talented these ladies are. I'm upset the band has passed me by until now as their sound is exactly my vibe.

Single Blue is outstanding. Really stop you in your tracks kinda stuff. Listening once simply wasn't enough. I had to repeat the song three times over, it's just that good.

Running with the Hurricane is a chilled sound with a slight Country feel that is going to be perfect for a relaxed summer afternoon particularly songs such as Love Like You Do, Caroline, Jealous and aforementioned Blue.

This album is 37 minutes of something really rather special and phenomenally beautiful. You need to hear this album, it's one of those records that's not only pleasing to the ears, it touches your heart too.

As an extra point I’d like to mention the band's incredible cover of Sam Fender's Seventeen Going Under, I’ll be honest and admit I’m not overly keen on the original but this re-invents the song into something wonderful. It’s even made me a little more fond of the original.

Running with the Hurricane is out now!

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