• Amy


So I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed FTHC, it’s an incredible album from start to finish. Not a single track stood out to me as weak or just a filler which is incredibly rare in my experience.

That’s not to say that at times FTHC isn’t hard to listen to, not the overall sound but the lyrics are deep and very personal, almost like your friend opening up to you about some of their most inner thoughts.

While certain tracks on the album can be listened to and taken at face value to me the two songs that stood out to me most are Fatherless and Miranda. Fatherless is raw emotion and resentment at his father being absent from his life and Miranda is like the start of the happy ending. I think the fact I was left feeling emotional over a person I’ve never met and a situation I’ve never been in says a lot for what a talented and powerful song writer Frank is.

On a more musical level FTHC is a versatile record that borrows aspects of punk, rock and folk. There are plenty of singalong rock anthems as well as more quiet moments that all combine to make a record that’s truly incredible.

I’m a fan of the shuffle button but I think this is an album where it’s important to listen in order and let the story play out.

I was a big fan of Frank during the early part of his solo career but must admit in more recent years his music has passed me by, this record has blown me away so much I feel inspired to spend a week listening to his entire back catalogue on repeat!

FTHC is out now, listen HERE

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