ALBUM REVIEW: Grieving Sea - Donewiz

Released July 8th via Brucia Records, a debut music collaboration between Void and Giorgio, Co-founders of Brucia Records. This album approaches post-punk with a lo-fi blend of noise and uneasiness pushing away from the familial boundaries on extreme metal.

Listening, I can draw overall comparisons to The Cure’s ‘A Forrest’ and dreary vocals of Clan of Xymox, portraying unique romanticised moody sentiments. The album also relies on damp recurring bass lines and gentle melodramatic piano adorned with sparkling trinket guitar effects.

Donewiz is the Medieval name for Dunwich, Giorgio explains the former ghost town has gradually succumbed to the sea since the year 1286 due to numerous storms and coastal erosion and I feel this album solidly connect to this concept.

“Death in, Death out” Introduces us to serene waves and the melancholic piano and rich deep vocals staple and consistent to the entire album bending and twisting throughout. Rumbling synth and distorted guitars slowly creep in to create chilling dark ambience. “Fall, Fall again” Kicks it up a little with tinny drums and brighter bass rhythms however demonstrates a raw approach to production, which really pulls the style to the forefront. “So Pure” peaked my interest with brittle breathy female vocals along with piano accompaniment is absolutely haunting. Picked up on exploration themes of broken promises which I could begin to relate, the additional weaving of disjointed vocals really brings out a chill. “My Soul In Dunwich” This one caught me by surprise with the use of ukulele but was a nice change of texture. It is very stripped back but still keeping to the staple of the moodiness. As the track progresses, it feels like waves of madness slowly unravel with interesting delay and reverb effects and layers of dissonant vocals and soundscaping. Over all, this album was quite easy on the ears much of the musical elements were gentle but, pulling it apart there were quite a lot of things I thought were quite clever and the final moments of “My soul in Dunwich” made it full circle with sea waves. I loved the solemn atmosphere and dark ambience, I don’t think this would fit on the average listeners playlist however is an absolute gem for those who are into darker tunes.