• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Half Man Half Biscuit - The Voltarol Years

I told myself I needed to be professional and unbiased when writing this review. As I read somewhere, even if it’s your favourite band, write from a neutral standpoint but I can’t write this review using that rule! It’s a new HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT ALBUM!! Its been so long since No-One Cares About Your Creative Hub so Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut I could barely contain my excitement when this album was announced! I was so disappointed it was released on the 18th of February but didn’t make an appearance on Spotify until much later!

First that album name, no other band would think let’s call our record The Voltarol Years but that’s what I love about Half Man Half Biscuit the satire, the quirkiness, the fact they take the piss out of everyone including themselves. This band makes me happy. They make me laugh aloud at the silliness and lyrics that only they could get away with!

I’m buzzing about this album! It's full of jolly little ditties that you can’t help but smile and nod along to. Chirpy guitars blend with more serious sounds that all come together perfectly to make this record instantly recognisable as from my favourite “Four Lads who Shook the Wirral.”

This record is nothing but highlights! I want to quote every lyric and mention every song but if I did the review would never end! If have to pick favourites (which feels much like picking a favourite child) I’d go with I'm Getting Buried in the Morning, the lyric “I’m getting frazzled in the morning” seems very relevant owing to my morbid fascination with the death penalty, while Grafting Haddock in the George with its line about a monkey at the zoo needing a can opener so he can have custard with his banana are words that could only come from the minds of HMHB. In a Suffolk Ditch is a more rocky offering that had me singing along from first listen and I love Tess of the Dormoblies for the lyric “you were VHS I was Betamax.”

The Voltarol Years feels more tongue in cheek than its 2018 predecessor but that’s what I love about Half Man Half Biscuit even after a career spanning almost 4 decades they can always mix things up and keep it interesting.

I love this album! I love HMHB! if you enjoy satire, if you enjoy music that makes you smile get this record, in fact get their entire back catalogue they’re a wonder of a band and you’re in for a treat!!

Writing an unbiased review didn’t happen, it was never going to but this is one very happy Biscuiteer signing off!

(Side note: I never did get my Dukkla Prague away kit for Christmas even though it was all I asked for but I am the proud owner of some Joy Division Oven Gloves!)

The Voltarol Years is out now on the bands own label RM Qualtrough.

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