Album release 8th April. This album is the follow-up album of 2020’s DISCO4:: PART I.

Described as Thunderous, heavy and genre-obliterating, I am in total agreement in how this album represents itself. HEALTH does not fall short at any stage in the creative process of this album, keeping listeners such as myself fully engrossed at every phase.

In the most cordial way possible, I describe this album as pure dirt and noise, experiencing everything at once but also feeling the serenity of the breathing space with melodic riffs and ethereal vocals that is a constant staple of HEALTH.

Introducing the album with “DEAD FLOWERS'' featuring Poppy, starts with startling grand arena drums and addictive gritty guitar riffs and haunting echoing vocals that follow. This song sets the overall vibe of the album, cherry picking the bittersweet themes of reminiscing a fallen romance.

Next is a favourite of mine, “ISN’T EVERYONE” Featuring Nine Inch Nails, demonstrating iconic vocals and themes with the articulation of Trent Reznor, seen as a master of industrial, of which is surely a handsome compliment to the band and album as it is a rare opportunity to collaborate with Nine Inch Nails.

This track explores the themes of bitterness, loneliness and depression of the world in both a cynical yet evocatively relatable way.

You’ll notice the textures of shifty synthesisers and rhythms that create rich layered textures that provide the sense of fight but the soothing vocals provide a sense of yielding inherited from the lyrics, that sets a final comforting message that no one is really alone if everyone feels the same.

After seemingly two toned-down tracks, “MURDER DEATH KILL” surely gave me a fright, making its aggressive entrance with screams and fuzzy riffs. And as quickly as it jumps in, it soon ends!

If you’re a fan of trance and dark-synth tracks, “IDENTITY” featuring Maenad Veyl is for you, with danceable rhythms and buzzing swelling bass. I find this track is disappointingly too short and I am left with wanting more.

“COLD BLOOD” Featuring Lamb Of God is surely the real headbanger on the overall album, Gnarly guitar tones and riffs accompanied by dastardly impressive double pedal drums and the iconic coarse vocals of Randy Blythe. I would say this is the most aggressive and evil sounding track on the entire album, following the themes of revenge, that surely sets the imagination on fire.

If Post-punk and 80’s vibes are for you then “THE JOY OF SECT” featuring the Street Sects will surely call to you with pulsating arpeggiated bass synths, booming kick drum and crisp snare along with squealing decor. The track is soon broken by screams however returns to an iconic 80’s pop vocal which deems this track easy to groove and dance to. I would say it is a deep head-bopper.

Finally, the album ends with the perfect outro “THESE DAYS 2021” In my opinion vaguely resembles “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode with a playful undertone, through its warping bass synths and chiming chorus guitar riffs broken by hazy distorted guitars. The infectious memorable rhythm imprints in your mind, although the lyrics paint an image of being stuck there is a sense of movement and hope to press forward which concludes the album with a sense of enlightenment in contrast to the heavy themes.

I believe, overall, this is a rare album to create such an inclusive and diverse listening space, utilising artists from all backgrounds and is able to appeal to a lot of people by infusing Industrial with post-punk, pop, shoegaze and hip-hop.

Every song offers something new and fresh and will not leave you predicting a single aspect.

I could go on to write about every track on this record and break down the intricacies, however, it is way more fun to find out and listen for yourself.

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