ALBUM REVIEW: Hollow Front - The Price Of Dreaming

Album Released 27th May via UNFD Records.

I read that this album demonstrates the best of Hollow Front, implementing “Soaring melodies combined with brutal breakdowns and luscious ambience”. And after listening, I agree wholeheartedly. This 12 track album is recommended to fans of Wage War, Architects and The Ghost inside, I would also draw comparisons to Of Mice & Men and Sleep Token.

So much progresses and twists in this over all album, it really keeps you on your toes! The entire album brings me back to my music roots of always listening to metalcore/hardcore bands and it makes me happy that this genre is still fresh.

I have to comment on the artwork- I am in love with it! I am obsessed with all things Greek mythology and seeing Medusa as a positive figure is quite the game changer. “In The Spotlight” makes for a soul-soothing introductory tract with dreamy melodies and raw screams before transitioning into “Comatose” I think my veteran listening skills come into play as the lyrics portrayed by the screaming vocals are so clear, The choruses truly make this track quite the banger as I can hear myself screaming “COMATOSE”. The breakdowns, I must admit are quite biblical with drums that are not afraid to go hard on the drilling double pedal and pounding toms, the choir like vocals in the background gives it ethereal feel. Moving onto the 3rd track of the album “Self Sabotage” , this one really stands out for its lifted futuristic synth and I love the mix of high and low end interweaving riffs. “Thick As Blood” follow suit with intricately picked riffs before packing progressive meaty drilling bass another track that sports the mean double pedal that belts away.

As for “The Price of Dreaming”- I did not expect this track to go as hard as it did on the contrary to the album being named after it. I can totally hear and feel their emotion and ambitions in this as well as their own personal battles of being away from their personal lives to create the album, after the band commented that “The song is about all sacrifices made to manifest their ambitions."

Next is “Better off” that deals with a lot of inner demons and issues, empowering the idea of doing better than the villain. I thought this was the most aggressive track but I had yet to experience the rest! “Dear sons” opened with an oceanic ambient synth with urgent riffs slowly fading in. This track, I must admit, is the most loving and sentimental. This track feels like a letter to the artists’ sums reassuring and affirming love, going above and beyond for their kids. This concept is not something I typically hear in music and for a brutal track it Is quite emotionally moving as the listener.

Pinch Harmonics and chaos solos are staple to “Treading Water” to push a hopeful overtone. I love the lyrics “Treading Water is pulling me under”.

“Two Worlds Away” took me aback a little as I did not expect this song to be so soft, I really expected this to have another hardcore entrance. I feel this is the most heartbreak and relatable track. I love that it builds over time and it’s a nice to hear the screaming vocals take a step back giving the entire album some breathing space. As it breaks down into solo, however, it really gives you a chill of overwhelming emotion. Taking you back to brutality, “Changeling” Goes above and beyond fast and hard, it feels somewhat of a battle anthem against inner demons described by the lyrics “I’m changing… before I lose myself again…” I really ate my words after typing this section as I transitioned into “Heritage” This takes on quite an industrial intro before it really ramps up beyond the previous track and I would argue that this is the most aggressive and angry track on the album.

And last but not least on the album, “Running Away” say I love way too much in this review but there are so many elements that peak my interest and the melody in this track is something I love as it slows to the clean vocals and for some reason this track opens a window of nostalgia for me. I might be ever so slightly biased but this Album is definitely worth adding to any hardcore fans playlist!

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