ALBUM REVIEW: Kawala - Better With You

For fans whom may like Syd Matters, Bombay Bicycle Club and Girls In Hawaii.

KAWALA cannot be defined by one genre but I can describe them as a merge of folk and indie-rock comprise of soulful, acoustically rich driven melodies and are inspired and infused with danceable afro-beat rhythms and encompassing tender euphoric harmonies.

I must admit, my first impression on this album was rather harsh, in fact, my initial reaction was to cringe, however, I quickly warmed up, after an intense listening session I found myself pulling things apart instrumentally and lyrically and I began to admire the genius behind the creation. Each song has it’s unique environment and sets you on a journey of hope and dreamy aspirations, this album certainly did inspire me.

‘Hold Back the Years” is whimsical yet lively with rolling waves of dynamics. I loved the gently plucked guitar and stripped back bridge section, it gave the song a lot of breathing room. From my perspective this song comes from a place of living in the moment and not letting the fears of the future or past intervene.

“Searching” is very playful and airy. The chorus instantly makes me feel nostalgic the kind of song that I imagine myself running through the woods with my friends playing hide-and-seek, searching each other. “oh me, oh my” sticks in my head and forces me to sing along. Following on from the previous song, this track feels like embracing changes the previous spoke of holding back on and the narrator is freely and happily finding themselves.

“Marathon” is rhythmic and clicky. “Oh Why is it that we are Working so damn hard….. What happens if it all falls apart. Do we just carry on?” This song Is heavily relatable I feel this is the growing up stage and is a commentary on adult hood and how uncertain, projects passions and relationships are. However, how difficult the obstacles are this song is about conquering and pushing through to success.

“Ticket to Ride” If you are a fan of KAWALA you are already familiar with this single release. This track abruptly starts with vocals and guitar, I am instantly hooked with the melody. This track sets the songs apart ever so slightly as I pick out tinny, shrill snare that is reminiscent of an 808. This is a very snappy and tuneful track that carries the anticipation of travel and as the chorus hits you are overwhelmed with a “get up and go” feel to follow passions and execute that great idea!

These are only a few songs I would like to comment on, over all this album is such an easy listen perfect for casual listening as well as a pick me up in low moods, in an intense listening session, you are surely to pick up some advice through catchy lyrics. There are also few slower tracks to fall in love with but that is not for me to spoil!

To summarise, I found myself enjoying the album and carrying the hooks as I took part in my daily routine it made me want to complete tasks happily and stress free!

I will definitely be adding it to my playlists!

Better With You is out now!

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