• Amy


The new record from Swedish songstress LÉON is a cut above the rest!

This album is undeniably beautiful, each song like a fairytale, captivating and mesmerising dragging you deep in with each line. LÉON has a stunning voice and it’s so unique it's hard to find another singer to fully liken it to.

It’s dreamy and magical. In some parts it’s like a summer's day and in others it’s like awakening from the most magnificent dream. It’s the type of record that feels like falling in love with life. It’s not simply music, it’s so much more than vocals over a melody. It’s a feeling, an emotion, a new way of being. I know what I’m writing sounds over the top but everything about LÉON’s sound evokes emotions that are quite unreal.

Each song is exceptional but the stand out tracks for me are; All my Heroes with the particularly poignant lyric of “all my heroes are dead and I don’t believe in god.” The single Wishful Thinking blew me away the first time I heard it and has been on my heavy rotation ever since. Look Like That has some serious 80’s vibes and I found myself drawing comparisons to Kim Wilde whilst the sensational Moonlight draws elements from folk and country.

Circles is outstanding, by far one of the best examples of dreamy Indie pop I’ve heard. It didn’t need multiple listens to make sense of or get a feel for it. The first track blew me away and the rest of the album just enchanted me more and more.

Circles is out now!

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