• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Mint Green - All Girls Go to Heaven

Following a 2 EPs, a few singles, and two Phoebe Bridgers covers, dreamy Boston indie rock 4 piece Mint Green signed to Pure Noise earlier in the year and released their first single since 2020 "Body Language". Shortly after they announced their debut album "All Girls Go to Heaven."

The album which came out on June 3rd is simply astonishing, so much so I had to take to social media and tell the band just how incredible I think the record is.

It starts with the short but magnificent dreamy "Against the Grain" with some majestic vocals with a slight country sound over simple, pretty sometimes scratchy acoustic guitars. It's the kind song you need to close your eyes and fully submerge yourself into.

Single "What I'm Feeling" is a more uptempo rockier number, with a big, catchy chorus, lovely vocal harmonies and charming riffs. I like that at times the more playful vibe builds into something epic and chaotic with big, ballsy vocals.

"Make Me Stay" has a poppy sound with masses of danceability and 90's indie vibe. The guitars are jangly and the vocals are both rocky and dreamy. The song has a bluesy, swing element before a few seconds of acapella that proceeds an amazing guitar solo and stadium filling vocal. It’s a song that has to be heard to be appreciated. Play it LOUD!

"Trying" carries on the theme of dreamy elements, epic sections with massive, powerhouse vocals as well as highs and lows in tempo.

The first single off the album "Body Language" has a beautiful, playful, soulful sound with yet more stunning harmonies and an amazing drum track. The song showcases the power and clarity in frontwoman Ronnica's voice.

"(We) Should Have Spoken" has graceful swagger, and a mix of tempos which is a theme throughout the record, each song keeps you guessing and wondering what's coming next. It's probably the song on the record that seems the most likely to open up the mosh pit.

Then there's my favourite "Whatever Happens" with a funky 80's esque dancy sound. This is the song were the lyrics struck me from first listen, which is rare, it normally takes me a while to tune in to the words but the line "because I made a promise that if I loved myself the thoughts in my head won't be as loud" hit me the first time I listened and gave me chills. The song is outstanding.

There's a few songs I've not mentioned but I can assure they're fabulous. The whole record is out of the world. Give it a listen, I promise you won't be disappointed. One of my new favourite bands? Yes! Without a doubt. Expect to see them in my next month's “Song’s on Repeat.”

I hope they pop across the pound for a tour in the near future.