ALBUM REVIEW: Ocean Grove - Up In The Air Forever

Release April 22nd

With their upcoming Tour in May, Ocean Grove are surely to give their fans a treat, this album truly demonstrates a strong larger-than-life vibe and encompasses so many influences from Nu-metal, Grunge, punk of which cannot tame the band to a single genre.

Making a grand Introduction with “FLAVA” with whirling airy synths and epic guitars and drawling vocals, sets the tone for the album. Before moving onto fuzzy low-end rigid groves of blaring metalcore guitars of “SEX DOPE GOLD” that demonstrates a carefree attitude. “CALI SUN” However, would be the centre piece of the album that has playful party synths complimented with same grinding guitar riffs that create anthemic choruses portraying an all or nothing summer vibe, which I find very timely for the seasonal transition. I find the creative pauses create anticipation before blasting back into the chorus sections, of which I can visualise it to be the hardest hitting crowd pleaser.

“Silver Lining” takes a sentimental pop-punk approach that I would say is a dejected ballad that comes from a sensitive place lyrically but musically lives up to the title, focusing on the brighter side creating a sense of hope.

Hitting me with a sense of nostalgia, “HMU” Feels like a mash up of early 2000’s pop boy band embellished with gritty riffs and sparkly guitar motifs. I was surely taken aback. If someone asked my favourite I would straight away say “BORED” that demonstrates the iconic metalcore chugs, references social culture and has very catchy and singable choruses that sticks in my head. To revise, This album does set a tone for a summer party, it encourages and celebrates the Larger-than-life attitude I spoke of above. It’s the type of album to drink to at a party or on the beach. It explores living on your own terms in uncertain times and to make the best of a situation, but slips in sentimental themes of love and loss to humanize the creative process.

It leaves me kind of curious as to how a live show will translate this album being a first time listener, leaving a fun-loving impression on me.

I highly reccomend “Up In The Air Forever”

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