• Amy


London punks OUT OF LOVE make the bold claim on their facebook page that they’re “Planet earth's best band” and while that statement might be a little self indulgent So Far, So Good is undoubtedly a cracking album!

The album marks the debut release from this quintet who are currently playing a short run of shows around the UK and they're definitely off to a good start!

So Far, So Good is unapologetic punk with loud guitars, and blasé vocals. Longest song on the album being just over three minutes with most barely making the two and a half minute mark. It comes in like a hurricane, is over before you know it but is sure to have made a lasting impression!

If I was asked to give my first impression of OUT OF LOVE's sound, it's drinking music. Listening to this record makes me want to go out, drink lager and end up chanting the line “I Think I’ve Lost My Mind” from I Am Not Me over and over! They somewhat remind me of Alestorm but without the wannabe pirate element!

While fundamentally punk the album borrows elements from a variety of other genres namely indie, with a hint of Britpop and side helping of Pop Punk which give it a unique blend that I think people who claim they “don’t like punk” would even enjoy. It’s brazen but not abrasive. It's in your face but isn't angry with you. Some punk can be rather shouty and seem to have no real purpose. OUT OF LOVE are not like that, their singer really can sing!

Hard to single out favourites but I really enjoyed the signalongable Dog Daze and S.L.U.M.P. I also like that on a whole So Far, So Good doesn't take itself too seriously nor does it try to be anything it's not. I highly recommend this record and I hope the band had a bright future ahead of them.

So Far, So Good is OUT NOW!

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