• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Papa Roach - Ego Trip

Like with so many bands Papa Roach are another who have passed me by in recent years and I'm not sure why. I was a fairly big fan from Infest through Getting Away with Murder but haven't really invested in the band since. I think sometimes the way we consume music these days via online platforms leads to a feeling of being overwhelmed at so much choice that it's easy to get stuck listening to the familiar or compilation playlists and missing out on a lot of great music. That's why I enjoy working for Click Roll Boom, it has forced me out of my musical rut and not only opened my eyes to new bands but also reminded me of ones I've overlooked for years.

All that said, let's get on with reviewing Ego Trip! Which is the eleventh studio album for California natives Papa Roach.

To be honest not much has changed in the course of Papa Roach's career. It's still all stadium filling, belt it out anthems packed full of emotion. Jacoby's voice sounds as powerful as it did on Scars almost 20 years ago and his words equally as raw and thought provoking. The band found a formula that worked and stuck to it which I respect, no need to reinvent the wheel.

I knew I was going to enjoy Ego Trip and it didn't disappoint. Kicking off with single Kill the Noise, a song I can't get enough of, I find the lyric "my Scars keep screamin' I lived through the pain for a reason' ' particularly powerful, shivers down the spine stuff. Stand Up offers a more metalcore sound while Swerve featuring FEVER 333 and Sueco had a definite hip hop vibe. Liar is infinitely catchy and will definitely get stuck in your head.

Like with the whole album title track Ego Trip has a massive, anthemic sound that is sure to become a live fan favourite. The soaring vocals on Killing Time are basically perfect while the closing track I Surrender is laden with feelings and classic Papa Roach sound.

Overall I don't have a bad word to say about Ego Trip, there's not a bad track on the record. My personal favourite is probably Kill the Noise as it speaks to me most both musically and emotionally. I'll definitely be visiting all the Papa Roach albums that have passed me by over the last decade.

Ego Trip is OUT NOW!