• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Petrol Girls - Baby

This record is a cacophony of loud guitars, louder drums, grungey baselines, raw vocals and opinions by the lorry load. The Petrol Girls have stuff to say and they don't give a fuck who hears it!

If you want light hearted songs about love and going dancing you won't find it on “Baby”, if you want songs about inclusion, fighting for your right to be yourself and to choose what you do with your own body it's all on this record. “Baby” is about living your life free from judgments and men in suits telling you what you should or shouldn't do with your own body.

It'll stop you in your tracks, it'll make you think whilst also screaming your ears off with its rawkus punk sound.

Petrol Girls formed in London and consists of members from the UK, Austria and Lithuania. The band, as per their Spotify bio now "Live all over the place" and are constantly touring.

"Baby" is an incredible record. I'd easily put it in my top 5 albums of 2022 so far.

I want to start of talking about "Baby, I Had An Abortion" not only because of what's currently going on in the States but because the song has immense personal meaning and relevance too. When we first got PR for the song a few months back I didn't want to post it because it hit too close to home and made me uncomfortable. On first listen the song made me cringe but multiple listens later it means everything. Yes, I've had an abortion and until now I've barely told anyone through shame, guilt and fear of judgement but this song has helped me overcome some massive internal demons. For 18 months and more I've beaten myself up, forced myself to feel guilty and regretful. Listening to "Baby, I Had An Abortion" has given me inner strength and the ability to hold my head up high and say "yes, I had an abortion and it was absolutely the right thing for me to do. I don't regret it and I'm not sorry." The more I listen to this song, the more I can feel the weight I've put on myself lift, the comfort in knowing someone else feels exactly the same as I do. It's my body, my life, my choice! I cannot convey how grateful I am to Petrol Girls for this song, for me it's been so much more than just words and music. I know it sounds melodramatic but it's changed my life.

The rest of the album hits home a little less but it is still relevant. "Fight for Our Lives" which features Jane Starling talks about being able to live our lives how we want without judgement or being made to feel less of a person. It doesn't matter of you're a sex worker or a business person everyone has the right be who they want to be.

"Scraps' is a 30 second deluge of noise.

"Clowns" is a loud, brash face paced slice of punk that really reminds me of early noughties bands such as King Adora.

"Feed My Fire" is a slightly funky, loud, melodic chanty shout along with a massive sound and massive attitude. Every song is filled with so much passion, emotion and I can feel how much the band mean every word.

The partly spoken, partly screamed, partly sung "Violent by Design" mixes punk with pop while talking about how property is valued more than our bodies.

The whole album hits hard, makes you think and question the way the world is. The record isn't something you stick on the background, it demands your attention. It's about the message as much as the music. Petrol Girls are the voice for a pretty fucked society and the respresent the very best in modern punk.

Vocally sometimes it's screaming punk, sometimes it’s raw and raspy and others it's beautiful pitch perfect singing. In every way this record is incredible, absolutely faultless. If we gave scores for me 10 out of 10 simply would be enough for the impact it's had.

Admittedly "Baby" isn't an easy listen and definitely isn't for everyone but I for one absolutely love it and cannot thank the band enough for the inner peace they've brought me. This record makes me want to hold my head up high and tell the world “I am me, and I’m proud to be me and of all the decisions I’ve made.” It's powerful stuff, and I highly recommend it.