• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: The Mysterines - Reeling

The latest record from Liverpool's The Mysterines will be a staple on your playlist!

I’ll be honest at first listen I didn’t think much of this album, it sounded a bit generic and bland. I persevered and familiarised myself with it and by my third listen it made perfect sense and I could see it was a thing of beauty.

The feel of the album is a mash up of various styles but I would say it’s predominantly bluesy rock and I found myself drawing comparison to bands such as The Black Keys or The Raconteurs.

At times the sound of The Mysterines feels very nonchalant in style quite Libertines-esque. While the verse of Dangerous could easily be mistaken for later Oasis. There is also the more grungy sound of later Stokes. There really is a little bit of everything coming through in Reeling.

In My Head is a collection of big riffs while Bad Thing has an epic guitar solo. The acoustic Still Call You Home breaks down the sound and shows a more thoughtful side to the band. My highlight is the single Hung Up with its infectious rock sound and catchy chorus.

I highly recommend this album. If, like me, you feel indifferent at first go back to the start and try again because once it clicks you’ll wonder why you didn’t like it to start with!

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