• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: The Skinner Brothers - Soul Boy II

Every so often an album comes along and from first listen you know it’s one you’re going to play over and over until you’re word perfect. For me Soul Boy II is one of those records. From the first few seconds I knew I was going to get along with this album very well.

If you’re into riff heavy, slightly pretentious, incredibly addictive indie rock and you’ve never heard of the Skinner Brothers you’re missing out. They’re a mashup of all kinds of familiar bands with a sprinkle of their own uniqueness and charm.

Throughout the album you can hear many influences. '1000 Reasons Why' sounds uncannily like The Libertines. The unexpected and gorgeous acoustic track 'Day' sounds as if Noel Gallagher might start singing at any moment and 'Put Me Down As a Maybe' is screaming Happy Mondays.

I love the complacent, “so what” the vibe of the vocals. A little bit of rock star swagger always goes down well with me.

My music obsession sees me listen to a lot of new music and I enjoy a large percentage of it but the Skinner Brothers made me stop and take notice in a way not many other bands have done for a while.

I’m excited to see them live next month (watch out for the review) and I’m even more excited to see what the future holds.

I wholeheartedly recommend this album to anyone who likes guitar heavy music, it’s an absolute gem and I’m obsessed! Even if this isn't your favourite genre The Skinner Brothers do so much right here they might even change your mind.

Soul Boy II is out now.

Catch The Skinner Brothers on tour this March.

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