ALBUM REVIEW: Thornhill - Heroine

To be released 3rd June via UNFD.

I approached this album blind, with little info other than this is for fans of Deftones, Loathe, Deafheaven and Sleep Token of which I was completely sold right off the bat.

The 11 track record is moody, cinematic but also brutal and does not disappoint! I can definitely draw comparisons on the vocals to Deftones right away with iconic smooth breathy vulnerable technique.

“Leather Wings”- Demonstrates Brutal drilling noise that and scrapes that drives the track and contrasts this by creating space with ethereal synths. Interesting slow panning and whispers, in slower sections give me chills and when You think it ends but, surprise! nightmare fuel! “Valentine”- Takes an unusual turn with some trip-hop elements and some 80s synths. There’s a subtle clicking in the background that sounds like rain this really adds to the mood in a soothing way. “Something Terrible Came With The Rain”- is quite an intricate little number with soft repetitive guitar riffs, plucky layered string elements and percussion that swells with anticipation before leading into “Hollywood” volume up for this little catchy number, I love the romantic sentiment in this, however, I feel the vocals are engulfed within the instrumentation up until the choruses my favourite lyrics are “Can you just say I’m in love with a girl here in Hollywood” “Varsity Hearts” take on quite sloppy stripped back introduction before blasting urgent high end riffs, the vocals portray a cry for help. I love the twists and key changes and the blaring guitar bends, for me it is another number that tugs on the heart strings a little bit. And Finally “Heroine” comes from a very raw and sensitive place lyrically and it’s the kind of song that will have you missing a person you perhaps haven’t met. It’s beautifully intense. Overall, I feel this album is for the hopeless romantics that has a love-hate relationship with the idea of love, Or at least, it is an album that acts as a tool to get comfortable with the “not meant to be” that’s the kind of vibe I get from it as a whole. I have only spoken of a handful of tracks, I'll leave the rest to the listener.

This album is definitely going on my repeat list!