• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: Valleyheart - Heal My Head

Heal My Head is the sophomore release from Massachusetts based indie rock trio Valleyheart. It follows 2018's debut "Everyone's I Ever Loved"

It was proceed by singles "The Numbers", "Your Favourite Jacket" and "Miracle"

The album starts off with "Birth" which isn't the easiest listen. It's slow, mysterious with an early Coldplay edge. Vocally it's beautiful but its slow, dramatic sound seems like quite a daunting way to start off an album. I can understand the poingence of having the song start as if to signify the birth of the new record but personally I think it would have been better placed as an ending because it set quite a sombre mood and left me a little concerned about what to expect.

I need not have been worried because the album instantly cranked it up with "The Numbers" which is an infectious indie rock song with an addictive riff that makes it an instant toe tapper. There's some sultry, mysterious interludes. It's a spectacular song both musically and vocally, one of the highlights of the album.

"Miracle" is another cracking song with some wonderfully jangly indie guitars and smooth yet raspy vocals. It's a little poppy with its upbeat sound and perfect summer feel, it'd be a great festival song on a hot sunny afternoon.

I like the plodding melodic pace of "Vampire Smile" which is reminiscent of early 2000's indie while also feeling a little shoegazey. The vocals on this one are seductive like silk. It's a stunning semi acoustic track that builds a little before taking the pace right down for it's ending.

Dancier "Your Favourite Jacket" has a dreamy almost psychedelic sound to the verse while the chorus is very catchy and epic.

"Back and Forth" is a really pretty song.

My favourite track on the record is "Warning Signs". It's a truly beautiful with a real sunshiney, melodic indie feel that reminds me of Feeder. I found myself instantly likening it to "The Healing''

Overall the album is a fine example of indie rock with a nice balance of sounding well produced but keeping some rawness. If you're a fan of indie with shoegaze tendencies I'd definitely recommend giving "Heal My Head" a listen.