ALBUM REVIEW: While She Sleeps- SLEEPS SOCIETY (Special Edition)

Released June 3rd via Search & Destroy / Spinefarm.

I don’t think I have heard While She Sleeps in a long time, well, 2013 era to be exact, so it was very much exciting for me to get my hands on this to see how they’ve evolved since. SLEEPS SOCIETY originally released in 2021, fans are treated with deluxe album with 5 bonus tracks.

“ENLIGHTENMENT(?)” introduces the album with a uplifting radio-effect monologue to get you charged with grand intricate interweaving solos and bass frequencies that blast through your headphones, the choruses provide rich clean vocals whereas frying vocals create contrast and ramps up the breakdowns tenfold. Following on, “YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED” jumps straight in with large dingy rhythmic riffs and tapping high end guitars. This track is rather inspiring and feels larger than life in a volatile way. “SYSTEMATIC” is very broken just alike the little voice states as it chimes in with disjointed sawing synths and rhythmic staggered vocals. I love that the guitar riffs reflect the opening synth making it consistent and familiar. This track is what I would identify as a pit anthem. I love the sweeping and fades, these really make the drops really go hard.

“NERVOUS” ft Simon Neil. The piano really grips at your heart strings in the beginning and as the Instrumental drops in full with the vocals it gave me chills. The contrast in vocals really drive the message. “PYAI” is nice interlude within the album that provides breathing room as it quite literally tells you to breathe. I love the warped sounds as it feels some what desperate. After this however, I become a little startled when the drums abruptly came in at “KNOW YOUR WORTH (SOMEBODY)” It’s aggressively supportive to the listener and lyrically resonates with some of my personal beliefs and which makes me relate and love it even more. Mean guitars and broken synths are staple within “Fakers Plague” There is a lot of driving forces and the lyrics are very commanding “For f***sake” really made me laugh as to how strong and bold the Northern accent came out kinda made me a proud to also be northerner. “THE LONG WAY HOME” alike, “PYAI”, this track gives space to the album and I’d argue these little moments of stripped back airy synths and piano are the gems. When I listen to music I get emotionally invested and these tracks are what I appreciate most that makes my investment worth while. “YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED (Acoustic Version)”- I love acoustic versions of songs. I find it is more sentimental and much more meaningful and hits you a lot harder. The strings are pure in this track. I am only affected by it by a fraction so for a hardcore fan I can imagine this will be much more intense. From what I have read from the bands account of the album. You can really hear the two narratives going on in the album- one being a tortured runaway and the other a brave figure ready to make a stand. Over all, this album is both very empowering and vulnerable at once and really gives back to the fans and the people that have supported While She Sleeps to make their dreams come alive. I highly recommend this album.