• Amy

ALBUM REVIEW: You Vandal - Pretend I Don't Exist

This album is pop punk and a good example of it too, it’s loud and musically very catchy, everything you’d expect an album from the genre to be. Every song is good, nothing made me want to skip. I was listening whilst doing other things and the record ended up playing a couple of times over and I tapped along the whole time with no desire to listen to something else.

It’s good uplifting music, the kind of record you put on when you don’t want to think too hard. The downside for me is while the overall sound is good nothing stood out, no song grabbed me and made me want to play it ten times over. If I was going to pick a word to describe this album it would be “nice” but not memorable. To me “Pretend I Don't Exist” falls short because it lacks originality. I enjoyed the sound but it’s very generic to the genre.

Writing this review now after listening to the record at least 4 times I can’t recall a single to name drop, which is strange because I ended up listening to You Vandals on Spotify radio and the older song Get In the Van came on and I’ve been humming it ever since so I feel this album is a band who weren't quite on top form.

I’m summary, I like this “Pretend I Don't Exist”. I'll definitely add it to a playlist and listen again but as someone who would say Pop Punk is their one of favourite genres this album is unfortunately lacking and doesn’t stand up to other albums within the genre from bands of similar size and status.

Pretend I Don't Exist is OUT NOW!

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