• Tyler

LIVE REVIEW: Automatic @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds

Automatic are a post-punk band from LA, consisting of Izzy Glaudini (synths, vocals), Lola Dompé (drums, vocals) and Halle Saxon (bass, vocals). I went along to the recent show at Belgrave Music Hall as part of the Lonely Hearts Club Valentine event on 14/2/20.

This was a free event and Automatic was the 3rd band of a 4 band line (Bad Bug, Bad Idea and PINS being the others). It must have been a difficult gig with viewers coming and going often throughout the set but Automatic drew a decent crowd. They could maybe have been a little more interactive with the crowd rather than automatic, if you pardon the pun.

The band's general sound is an effective mix of 80s New Wave and Riot Grrrl Punk. The songs have catchy synth led melodies punctuated with punchy drums, which give an almost robotic rhythm. Lola plays with aggression and precision and is often the most animated of the trio. This is contrasted by the other 2 members remaining almost static throughout. Lola’s classic Riot Grrl vocals are often complemented by either of the two other band members. But what, I feel, truly completes Automatic’s sound is the excellent work of bassist Halle Saxon. Her tone is percussive, yet works in the upper register, with a strong attack that gets toes tapping.

Overall the songs are generally fun and catchy but I did feel as if some tracks were over a bit too quickly, often ending just as I was getting into it. Having listened to and enjoyed Automatic on spotify their live performance will leave me seeking them out again if they’re in the area in the future.