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Avant-Pop Teddi Gold Recycles Pain Into Something Positive On EP 'Vol. 2' + Single "Popcorn" Out Now

TEDDI GOLD RECYCLES PAIN INTO SOMETHING POSITIVE ON VOL. 2 EP NEW SINGLE “POPCORN” OUT NOW VIA CASUAL LISTEN HERE “Teddi Gold comforts with effervescent [music].” — AMERICAN SONGWRITER “...the rare artist who can pack such delicate subject matter in funfetti and bubble wrap.” — EARMILK “...a neon fairy godmother… your next favorite artist...” — HOLLYWOODLIFE “...[an] infectious blast of celebratory pop...” — THE LINE OF BEST FIT

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Avant-garde artist Teddi Gold unveils “Popcorn” alongside the release of her new EP entitled Vol. 2—the latest collection of her bold and bright dance-inducing tracks that help you shake out all the bad vibes. The production palette is filled with deep bass, sharp percussion, and a foley of sound bites that come together to form the interstellar essence of Teddi Gold. As a follow up to her 2019 debut EP Vol. 1, this project continues to be an ongoing autobiographical diary entry of self-discovery that is stitched into catchy and cathartic dance-pop. With uplifting messages of self-love, growth, and positivity, it’s an exhilarating 6-track exploration into the undeniable pop sensibilities of one of the most exciting rising talents today. Speaking on the EP, Teddi Gold says, “On Vol. 2 you will hear about wanting to have fun for the summer, you will hear about leaving your problems on the dance floor, you will hear about how love transcends materialism, you will hear about wanting to be a good friend, you will hear me encouraging you to follow your own dreams, and you will hear about not letting the haters bring you down.” On the EP title, she explains, “I call them volumes because they are collections of songs that are autobiographical in nature and it implies that there is more to come. I also like the idea of volumes because much like self discovery, it never really ends, it just keeps getting deeper.” Arriving with the EP is new single “Popcorn”—a song about doing things your own way and not letting outsiders control the direction or path you choose to walk. It explodes into a shimmering motivational anthem with spacey synths, snare drums, and crowd chants. A crunchy beat flaps through the track as Teddi chews on nimbly rhymed verses before a call-and-response hook inspired by a Brene Brown discourse on self-confidence that was on Netflix. Teddi recollects that “Brene was like, ‘Nobody is allowed to criticize you unless they’re in the arena with you. If they’re not in there doing the work, pay no attention to them. Let them sit in the bleachers and eat their popcorn while you continue doing your thing.” Also lifted from the EP is “Pineapple Piñata”—a feel-good tune littered with introspective lyricism and whimsical social commentary. It’s about liberation and ultimately letting go of all the things that hold you back by embracing your authentic self through body movement. For the song, Teddi purchased a bunch of piñatas from Party City and subsequently smashed them with her friends. Recorded on her iPhone, the raw sonics perk up an off-kilter soundscape that’s punctuated by the chatter of a dusty dial-up modem. She tells HollywoodLife, “The whole idea for the song was that you can create joy anywhere. You can live authentically, and happiness comes from the internal, not the external. So, I wanted the world in this video to feel dystopian and futuristic. Set in an abandoned place, three people find each other, find connection, and through that newfound friendship, they find joy. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to find it.” Recently, the LA-based singer-songwriter reeled in major buzz with her standalone single Boom Boom,” which can be heard in an official Old Navy commercial nationwide. The song was initially released during Pride Month last year with proceeds donated to the ACLU, a testament to her LGBTQIA+ allyship. As an artist who genuinely aligns her project with causes and issues she believes in, Teddi Gold also partnered with Instagram / Facebook in 2020. Her Vol. 2 EP single “Wink Wink” was selected as the official song for their 'Register To Vote' campaign, in which the track was placed on the story function of every single U.S. Instagram user (that’s over 107 million people!). Always a creative collaborator, she has worked with the likes of JR JR, MI$HNRZ, and Superorganism. In addition to widespread critical praise from American Songwriter, EARMILK, LA Weekly, PopDust, UPROXX, We Found New Music, among others, she’s landed on Spotify’s coveted Fresh Finds and Pandora’s Top Hits playlists, to name a few. Pandora’s Next Big Sound also proclaimed her a “promising artist” as she sold out venues such as The Peppermint Club in LA. With her music, Teddi Gold has one core message and vision of inclusivity. “As someone who has always felt like an outsider, someone who has always felt they had too many feelings for their body, as someone who grew up in an unconventional way, I very much connect with people who feel they can’t quite fit into the box. I want them to feel seen. I want to be their biggest champion,” she concludes, “When you listen to me, I want you to feel like, ‘This person gets me.’ This is a cathartic release where you can jump, dance, and yell—almost like therapy. It’s not just sitting around listening to sad songs, crying, and feeling bummed. Personally, I want to uplift. You can recycle your pain into something positive. You can transform.” Vol. 2 EP - Tracklist & Videos: 1. “Wink Wink” 2. Pineapple Piñata 3. Bossa Nova Baby(w/ Mi$HNRZ) 4. “Confetti” 5.Thought Bubbles 6. “Popcorn” Listen to each track here. More info on each track here.

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About Teddi Gold: As fearless as she is fiery, Teddi Gold has got enough glitz and glamour to fit right in at a jazzy underground haunt or on-screen in some Golden Age Hollywood production. Yet, she’s also got the spirit to make a statement worthy of a TED Talk. Teddi Gold will craft a dancefloor banger only to shake up the melody with her own foley sound effects. In one breath, she’ll sing about piña coladas and tiny umbrellas. In the next, she’ll ponder the breakdown of a loved one. “Teddi Gold is fearless,” she states, “Teddi Gold is a truth seeker. If you don’t have a voice or understand your voice, Teddi Gold wants to give you a voice. Teddi Gold can be the underdog. Teddi Gold points out flaws in society and how we can come together to fix them. I want to encourage people to overcome their fears and do whatever they want. There are some people who have it all figured out at 17. That wasn’t the case for me, but I’m starting to figure it out now.” Teddi Gold was always there, it just took a while for her to step into the spotlight. She comes from a long line of entertainers. Her great-great grandfather made history as one of the first performers to complete a high wire act at Madison Square Garden without a net. Her great grandfather Sonny Lamont, acted, traveled around the country as part of a vaudeville show, and tap danced with Betty Grable. However, she maintained the closest connection with his wife and her great grandmother Betty Burgess. A contract actor for Paramount Pictures, she appeared in numerous films. Prior to Burgess’ passing, she imparted invaluable advice upon her great granddaughter. “My great grandma always said, ‘Stay true to yourself and be really fierce’,” she recalls, “She may have left Hollywood because she had a broken heart, but I was always in awe of how fierce and beautiful she was.” As if by instinct, Teddi embraced performance in her formative years. She wore costumes around the house, played piano, and belted out the Titanic theme. At the age of nine, the family relocated from Seattle to Saint John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Her parents divorced, yet they kept it just together enough to open up a bed and breakfast on the island. As her father came out as queer and her mom struggled with mental health as well as drug and alcohol addiction, Teddi adjusted to the tides of a tumultuous upbringing. After college and a stint as an actress, she finally found her place. A serendipitous series of events led to a day job as a music supervisor. Simultaneously, she carefully cultivated a bold and boundless signature style of her own. In the end, Teddi Gold is just the woman to change pop for good.

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