Belmont release new video for "Country Girl" new album "Aftermath" out now!




Chicago, IL- Progressive-punk quartet, Belmont, have today released their new album Aftermath via Pure Noise Records and video for single "Country Girl"

"Country Girl is the culmination of the band’s desire to do absolutely anything, regardless of any boundaries. Utilizing a mix of country, hip hop, metal, and pop punk, this song shows the fun and lighthearted side of the band that contrasts the darker theme of the Aftermath LP" says the band. Watch the video below:

AFTERMATH, the band’s Pure Noise Records debut album, produced by the billion-streamed Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Real Friends), is driving a chasm between Belmont and their peers with a stunning evolution. Led by the classical training of Inguagiato and Lada, both of whom studied at Berklee College of Music, as well as the pure instinctual prowess of the collective, AFTERMATH brings never-before-heard influences to the forefront in a brand-new way.

In a landscape more genre-less than ever, it’s the seamless, at-times effortless blending of disparate sounds that guides AFTERMATH on a hyper-modern tour through musical styles – steadied by the pop-punk energy that’s won Belmont legions fans on tours.

The opening strains of album kick-off “Fully Sent” – trilling trap drums buoyed by a distorted vocal sample – will leave listeners wondering if they in fact chose the right record, before all doubts are calmed as the band careen into punishing breakdowns, biting vocals and intricate guitar leads.

The ethereal pop-punk bounce of “What I Lack” recalls their earliest material, now updated with a sleeker sheen. These electronic-heavy moments bubbled over on the band’s 2021 Bowser’s Mixtape EP (featuring the nu-metal mosher “Pain Now” and Chicago drill-influenced “Bowser’s Castle,” both of which appear here) and are now set to serve up AFTERMATH’s 12 tracks as a blueprint for other forward-thinking acts.

And then there’s “Country Girl,” certainly the most un-Belmont song to date, sure to turn heads among new and established listeners alike with its unapologetically pop-meets-metal-meets-country identity and in-character storytelling.

“I started writing it as a meme, thinking ‘F!@K it. Who cares what other people think?’” Johnson remembers with a laugh. “I thought everyone would hate it, but Andrew Wade took a big interest in it. He’s actually big into folk and country music, so he was super stoked to finally put banjo on a song.”

In a way, it’s the joyous absurdity of a song like this that serves as the truest representation of where Belmont are as artists in 2021, completely uninterested in doing anything but what moves them. The songs on AFTERMATH aren’t jokes – at times they’re deathly serious – but they’re all underwritten with a spirit of excitement that ultimately makes the album as much of a blast to listen to as it was for the trio to create it.

“There’s a lot of serious stuff on this album … it’s personal and vulnerable and hopefully people can relate to it. But at the same time, the process of making it taught us to remember to have fun,” says Johnson.

“All our influences are here, and we put them into one big melting pot,” Lada adds. “More than anything, I just hope this album inspires people to give less of a fuck and instead do whatever they want.”

AFTERMATH TRACKLIST 1. Fully Sent 2. Parasitic 3. Bowser’s Castle 4. Pain Now 5. In My Skin 6. Country Girl 7. Top Gun (From The Top) 8. 4am // Disappear 9. Never Found 10. Guilt Trip 11. What I Lack 12. Advanced Darkness The band are on the road in the USA right now. Dates below: March 4 - Minneapolis, MN @ Garage March 5 - Kansas City, MO @ The Rino March 6 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater March 7 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Beehive March 10 - Portland, OR @ Polaris Hall March 11 - Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Second Stage March 15 - Berkeley, CA @ Conerstone March 16 - Los Angeles, CA @ Lodge Room March 17 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction March 18 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues March 19 - Tempe, AZ @ Nile Underground March 21 - Austin, TX @ Come and Take It Live March 22 - San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger March 23 - Houston, TX @ Secret Group March 24 - Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th Street Collective March 26 - Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom March 27 - St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway March 29 - Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups March 30 - Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary March 31 - Grand Rapids, MI @ The Stache April 1 - Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge