Brick Lane Jazz Festival announce further additions & warm-up event at Rough Trade East, 22-24/04

DAY TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT -- Line-up includes: Cherise, Blue Lab Beats, Yakul, Binker Golding, Dan Casimir, Jas Kayser, Kansas Smitty’s, The Banger Factory, CubAfrobeat, Finn Carter Quartet, Dele Sosimi (Live PA), Waaju, Judi Jackson Ariwo, Fehdah, WheelUP, Jelly Cleaver, Sambroso All Stars, Jay Phelps, Isobella Burnham, Tom Sochas, Amy Gadiaga,Tjoe Man Cheung, and Tanhai Collective

Stages from: Rough Trade East, Ninety One Living Room, Werkhaus, Cafe 1001 and Juju’s Bar & Stage. DJ Sets from: Tina Edwards, Tru Thoughts Records, Wah Wah 45s, Gearbox Records, Jay Phelps

22nd – 24th April 2022 at The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London Warm-up event to take place at Rough Trade East on 21st April 2022

Brick Lane Jazz Festival - a new three-day, multi-venue jazz festival in the heart of Brick Lane - recently announced details of their inaugural festival which will take place across 22nd – 24th April 2022.

Making its debut at The Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in London, the festival will be set across five stages over three days with twenty-six artists performing, showcasing some of the most exciting acts on London’s vibrant jazz scene.

Today, the festival has announced further additions to their line-up with a number of renowned record labels coming to DJ at Cafe 1001, which will serve as the festival's main hub, where people can come to relax and socialise, have a browse of their festival programme and grab a coffee or a cocktail while they kick back to some banging DJ sets and a sprinkling of live solo artists. Sets will come from Tru Thoughts Records (Friday),Gearbox Records (Saturday), and Wah Wah 45s(Sunday), while Isobella Burnham and Dele Sosimi (live PA) will be adding a live element to the venue's programme - all free entry!

Whilst located at The Truman Brewery, the festival’s stages and line-ups are hosted by some of the most important venues in East London including Ninety One Living Room, Werkhaus, Cafe 1001 and Juju’s Bar & Stage, as well as renowned musical institution Rough Trade East.

In addition to new DJ line-up announcements, the festival has also announced details of a warm-up event, which is due to take place at Rough Trade East on Thursday 21st April. The event will see Judi Jackson perform live, as well as hosting a signing in celebration of her recent album "Grace" - Full details are HERE.

The rest of the Brick Lane Jazz Festival programme is as follows:

Cherise, Blue Lab Beats, Yakul, Binker Golding, Dan Casimir, Jas Kayser, Kansas Smitty’s, The Banger Factory, Fehdah, WheelUP, Jelly Cleaver, Cubafrobeat, Sambroso All Stars, Jay Phelps, Isobella Burnham, Ariwo, Tom Sochas, Amy Gadiaga, Finn Carter Quartet, Waaju, Tjoe Man Cheung, and Tanhai Collective

Day tickets are now sold out across the festival, but weekend tickets are available from £60, and shows will also be individually ticketed, with tickets ranging from £5 - £15. There will also be some free-of-charge live shows, while Café 1001 will host a free-of-charge lineup all weekend, inviting all to be able to come and immerse themselves in the atmosphere.

Tickets and more info are available at:

(Blue Lab Beats)

Brick Lane Jazz Festival is presented by The Truman Brewery and is the first of its kind in uniting the iconic site’s music venues under a single umbrella event to showcase the best emerging talent and world class acts on the London jazz scene.

Celebrating London’s international communities and the wealth of culture the capital has to offer, the festival provides an opportunity to showcase emerging underground artists who are taking jazz into new realms, as well as some of the trailblazers who are leading the charge by crossing boundaries and bringing diversity including the likes of: Blue Lab Beats, Dan Casimir, Binker Golding, Jelly Cleaver, Kansas Smitty’s, and more. The festival will also showcase some of the city’s best electronic and experimental outfits with the likes of Ariwo and WheelUP, as well as critically acclaimed artists from the Afro, Cuban and Latino scenes such as Cubafrobeat and Fehdah, with the ten-piece Sambroso All Stars cover band to close the festival on Sunday night, playing the seminal Buena Vista Social Club album in full. There will also be daytime DJ sets alongside the main headline acts.

Brick Lane Jazz Festival is organised by the Creative Director of Music Venues for The Truman Brewery, Juliet Kennedy, and renowned musician, promoter, and community builder Oreste Noda (Funkiwala). Speaking on the festival, Kennedy says:

“I wanted to showcase the best of what’s happening now on the London Jazz Scene. All our artists are of-the-moment and wide ranging in style and genre. It’s so exciting to be working with such a talented group who are making the biggest impact right now.

Noda follows on to say “I am passionate about the power of music to heal community divisions and after working with Juliet I know we are aligned on this. I’m excited to start something truly great together!”