British alt-pop duo Quasi Qui share new single 'Directorial Debut'

British alt-pop duo Quasi Qui share new single 'Directorial Debut'

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Their debut album is set to follow this year

via microqlima records

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"[Yehan Jehan]'s been garnering attention for his production chops for years now, but his latest project is something special: he’s linked up with his sister, Zadi, to form a proper duo...Together they blend their interests into a tactful, undeniably sublime package." Beats Per Minute

Today, British alt-pop duo Quasi Qui has shared new single ‘Directorial Debut’ via Parisian tastemaker label microqlima records (Isaac Delusion, L’Impératrice, Pepite, Fils Cara). The now Paris-based duo, comprised of acclaimed music producer Yehan Jehan and his sister Zadi, have released two singles so far, both shimmering alt-pop gems and new single ‘Directorial Debut’ continues in the same vein. Quasi Qui describe the composition of these songs as dreams, "collages of cinematic films". On their new single and video, Quasi Qui say: “‘Directorial Debut’ is a manifestation of hair-pulling frustration. A galloping attempt to escape one's demons (as portrayed by the ominous white sphere). A realisation occurs when the enemy was merely self-inflicted and what was in fact happening, was the ego’s movie script, being witnessed by the true self. Now it may be re-written.” For years now, Yehan has turned heads with his production nous, making a plethora of bands sound more expansive and technicolour, though he’s more than just a slick producer. Before joining forces with Zadi in Quasi Qui, Yehan released three solo EPs earning him kudos from tastemaker publications like The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Clash as well as radio play from Elton John on his Apple Radio show. The pair have a knack for taking sophisticated musical ideas and chord progressions and making them accessible. As well as extending the lineage of classic songwriting, drawing inspiration from everything from British synthpop to the great American songbook, Quasi Qui’s influences are modern and eclectic: Zadi loves Frank Ocean, Blood Orange and Sade, while Yehan is a disciple of the great and the good of production: Trevor Horn, William Orbit, Nellee Hooper and Bjork. “Everyone in our family is musical,” says Zadi, “and the list goes way back.” With their new material, Quasi Qui are not only reimagining how to make great pop music, they’re also remodelling the future and imagining a civilisation that works for us all. In the dystopian / utopian sci-fi reality they envisage, the earth has split into two, and it’s up to you to hitch a ride on the parallel universe of your choosing. ‘Directorial Debut’ is available to stream and download now with their debut album to follow before the year is out.

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