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Chicago's The O'My's persevere on 'No Swimming' EP out now featuring new single "Dragon" with Femdot




Previous collabs with Chance the Rapper, Noname, Saba, Ab-Soul, Pink Siifu, ZZ Ward, and Carter Lang (Omar Apollo, SZA)

“A duo that resists genre, that can’t be easily defined...” — CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“...a wholly original sound of gently thumping grooves, falsetto vocals, and an engagingly minimal aesthetic.— EARMILK

“...soulful...” — THE FADER

“The O’My’s’ serene and sticky sound is built around Vidal-Haymes’ falsetto vocals, which have drawn comparisons to everyone from Curtis Mayfield to TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, and Hennessey’s tender keyboard / synth melodies.” — ROLLING STONE

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Soulful Chicago-based alt-R&B act The O’My’s persevere through love and loss on new EP No Swimming out now via ADA / Warner Music Group. Each song unpacks the complexity of life’s highs and lows through the lens of Maceo Vidal-Haymes and Nick Hennessey’s personal experiences living in isolation and learning from one another. Inspired by the arts and music that has shaped them, the duo manifested each track on the project in their newly built studio during the pandemic. With community at the forefront of everything they do, the EP captures the heart and strength of their beloved city like no other. While a nod to the various tokens of their hometown, they’re able to provide a comforting universal message for listeners anywhere in the world. "This group of songs are all reflections on human relationships when viewing them in their absence and in isolation. There's a tug of war between faith and trust, you need to protect your heart, but also need to have it open to find joy,” explains Maceo Vidal-Haymes. “Working on songs so deeply tied to human connection in the dead of the pandemic was, in many ways, cathartic and healing. Looking at these complicated parts of our lives from different perspectives gave us new understandings and taught us patience.” The collection arrives with new single “Dragon” featuring rap sensation and fellow Chi-Town native femdot. Initially written a few years ago by Vidal-Haymes, the lyrics were put on the backburner after he had lost his voice. He elaborates, “‘Dragon’ as a song has many beginnings. The first few lyrics were ‘I’ve found, finally found what makes me, makes me want to sing.’ Ironically, the week after penning these lyrics, my voice was gone for many months, and for a time, I could not speak at all. This time was the cause of a lot of self doubt and fear for the future. Fast forward, Nick began playing a new chord progression that summoned these same lyrics and melody out of me again. The song is about celebrating who and what we have in our lives today, what we have lost, and what we aspire towards - all of which cannot be reached without love.” Their previous single, "Realistic," is about personal growth stemming from deep and necessary introspection. With the assist from singer-songwriter Alex Banin, The O’My’s grapple with close relationships and learn to let go. Opening with gentle vocals from the crooners and soft descending chords on guitar, the song possesses an intimate and impactful sound that’s sure to resonate with anyone at odds with a past lover or friend, or even themselves. “Without you I’ve been changing,” they harmonize, “I’m better off without you.” It’s a blunt statement enveloped with endearing horns which offer both a sense of acceptance and comfort to listeners. The O’My’s’ first release of 2021 was fittingly entitled “Lonely.” The warm falsetto sung by Vidal-Haymes glides over a rich drum groove as tasteful brass instruments garnish the essence of the song. All these textures come together impeccably to embolden the duo's message of community and compassion as Vidal-Haymes sings on the bridge, “You make me better than I ever was without you.” Vidal-Haymes states, “Lonely is not simply a love song but an affirmation of the healing and transformative power of relationships and love. During the pandemic we learned to depend on and make space for ourselves. The isolation allowed for us to take away distractions and hone in on our intentions and identity. The pandemic’s isolation forced us to not only reflect on ourselves but also on those people in our lives that bring us love, strength and compassion.” He adds, “We hope listeners take away the understanding that we cannot make it in this world alone. The work of living a good life starts within but needs companionship and community to flourish.” The new era of music first came to fruition in 2020. They would then spend the next year creating multiple productions for the song and with each rewrite Vidal-Haymes and Hennessey pushed their boundaries to the next level. Surviving through the pandemic with the power of music, the two challenged themselves with unfiltered artistic expressions that served as a savior. Vidal-Haymes says their new music “incorporates what we have learned as growing producers, writers, and men but at its core it’s what has always made The O’My’s.

Channeling their experiences and perspective into soulful music, The O’My’s grabs listeners from the very first note. Made up of vocalist-guitarist Maceo Vidal-Haymes and classically trained instrumentalist Nick Hennessey, they have etched themselves into Chicago’s music scene through consistency and collaboration. Together they produce a rich tapestry of sound, pulling from a wide range of genres, decades and emotions, and have additionally linked up with a wealth of notable talent including Chance the Rapper, Noname, Saba, Ab-Soul, Pink Siifu, ZZ Ward, and Carter Lang (Omar Apollo, SZA). Their 2018 full length album Tomorrow was formative to their launch and 2019's EP Above Ground saw the band expanding on the sonics explored in its precursor. Ten years and tens of millions of streams later, The O'My's have honed their one-of-a-kind sound while cultivating an impassioned fanbase and positive praise from media critics. To date, they've secured coverage from the likes of Billboard, Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, Complex, The FADER, Highsnobiety, Pitchfork, among others, and Rolling Stone dubbed them 'Artist[s] You Need To Know.' On the No Swimming EP, Vidal-Haymes states, “In this new chapter we have pushed ourselves and our sound. We opened and built our first studio which has allowed us the time and space to experiment, learn and reflect. These songs and the songs to come are born from this growth and ever expanding world. We are not an island unto ourselves. We are connected. Humanity as we know it is based on connection and communication and on this project we’ll examine just that.”

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