Damsel Elysium shares single ‘Echoes of Lalia’ - part of SA Recordings series The Hearing Experience

FKA TWIGS collaborator Damsel Elysium shares insight into a neurodivergent world with new single ‘Echoes of Lalia’ as part of SA Recordings series The Hearing Experience LISTEN / SHARE: https://sarecordings.bandcamp.com/track/echoes-of-laila

"Damsel Elysium is London's most stylish experimental sound artist" Vogue

LISTEN / SHARE: https://sarecordings.bandcamp.com/track/echoes-of-laila





(Listen to entire series so far)

Today, SA Recordings share the third single from their series The Hearing Experience with ‘Echoes of Lalia’ from London-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Damsel Elysium. Damsel Elysium is an experimental sound and visual artist. Described by Vogue as “London’s most stylish experimental sound artist”, making scores for Gucci, as well as featuring in the recent FKA Twigs Tiny Desk session - Damsel is an emerging avant-garde artist not to be ignored. Damsel utilises double bass, violin and original field recordings to explore alternative communication and connections with physical spaces and nature. Their aim is to establish an expressive world that speech or writing could never transmute. As a neurodivergent artist, it’s vital for them to create work that is accessible to all audiences and all senses. Combining experimental sound and sight, Elysium crafts worlds of their own, where they can be as fluid as their own feelings and skills are, creating a space for healing, and not worrying if this will be understood. New single ‘Echoes of Lalia’ is an abstract track made up of voice, double bass, violin and original field recordings taken from Damsel’s day in the city. The upcoming single is based on Damsel's experience of being neurodivergent in a constantly moving and noisy world. “It can frequently be difficult to get through a day in the city” adds Elysium. However, in some corners of these spaces Damsel encounters sounds that are extremely pleasurable to their ear, which can trigger a vocal stim or echolalia, which is the experience of repeating words or sounds that one hears. 'Lalia' is a conceptual place created by Damsel, it represents the way in which Damsel perceives day to day life. The track is a documentary of the sounds and echoes that appear within their surroundings. All of the sounds that make up the track are original field recordings from Damsel's days, accompanied by Damsel mimicking them through voice, double bass, violin and piano. ‘Echoes of Lalia’ is the third sonic piece to be released from SA Recordings single series The Hearing Experience. The series is a collection of single releases from experimental artists exploring their relationship with the act of listening. The series features contributions from Astrid Sonne, Tara Clerkin Trio, Lola de la Mata and Damsel Elysium and will be released monthly followed by a live event in September curated by SA Recordings. The first single to be released from the series was, ‘KOH - Klee - uh’ from conceptual sound artist Lola de la Mata, an exploration of her experiences of having tinnitus. This was then followed by ‘How Far’ from Astrid Sonne where she explored diving into the feeling of the inner voice. Now Damsel contributes to the series with ‘Echoes of Lalia’, an insight into the beautiful world of a neurodivergent individual. Tara Clerkin Trio’s single, which will complete the four track EP, will be released on August 3rd. Listen to the entire series so far here: https://sarecordings.bandcamp.com/album/the-hearing-experience