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Dead Nature (ex-Spring King, Tarek Musa) shares new single "Falling Down" | Debut album out July

Dead Nature shares new single Listen to "Falling Down" HERE Debut album Watch Me Break Apart released July 23 via Dead Nature Records

Dead Nature's Tarek Musa | Photo credit: Khalil Musa | Download image here

Dead Nature, the solo project of former Spring King singer and prolific producer (The Big Moon, Calva Louise, Circa Waves, Dream Nails, Genghar, Police Car Collective) Tarek Musa, is sharing a new single today – “Falling Down”. It is the latest in a string of new tracks to emerge in the run up to the release of his debut album Watch Me Break Apart which is set for release on July 23. “Falling Down” follows the multi-coloured, sky-high indie-pop dramatics of recent singles “Red Clouds” and “Hurricane”, through which he wrote about innocence, euphoria and a world at war with itself. Backed by the vocals of Domino Records-signed All We Are bassist Guro Gikling, and Jess Allanic from Calva Louise, Musa’s talent for heavyweight pop songwriting that is as honest and sentimental as is it is fizzing with energy becomes more evident with each release. Musa comments on “Falling Down”: "When I was around 14, I went swimming with my cousin and got stuck in a tricky situation. We’d gotten separated in the waves and somehow I got caught in a rip and started to panic. Being pulled under, my feet kicking below, cutting up against the rocks way beneath me I knew I needed help. For some odd reason I decided to start singing ‘Banned in D.C’ by Bad Brains, my favourite song at the time. I just kept singing it for as long as I could, which calmed me down enough to get my thoughts together. By the time I got to shore I was exhausted and in tears. My feet totally cut up and filled with small stones. I’ve always found a connection between that day and many more ‘normal’ challenges since. It can be so obvious to us what a solution is, yet still we can get pulled away. ‘Falling Down’ is about the ease at which you can get caught in a vicious downward spiral. The more you fall, the easier it becomes to fall further down. The more you panic, the harder it becomes to hold on. The lyrics are about that difficult balance required to find stability. Taking control of a situation doesn’t always come easy, rarely by sheer force but by acceptance, calm and patience." Pre-order the album here. Hear "Falling Down" on DSPs here and watch the video below.

More about Dead Nature - Watch Me Break Apart Producer and songwriter Tarek Musa has for a long time placed himself at the centre of other artists’ worlds, helping to hone sounds and build scenes through his production work for artists such as The Big Moon, Genghar, and Dream Nails, Calva Louise, Police Car Collective - as well as providing remixes for the likes of Circa Waves. As BBC Radio 1's Jack Saunders noted recently on-air, "we owe a lot to him out here... he's putting the passion from [Spring King] into the future of the alternative music that we love." With Dead Nature, Musa allows himself to step back from his role as architect for others and set about pursuing his own creative impulses. Throughout Watch Me Break Apart, internal anxieties are made external, and re-purposed into a carnival of multi-coloured, fuzzed-up indie-pop. The strain of social media and a whirlwind news-cycle compound on the album’s cartwheeling title track, pairing thoughts of sleepless nights with isolated imagery (“A car waits at the lights, no one’s in the driver’s seat / In the ocean stands a tree”). "50 Foot Wall" and the paradoxically light-hearted "Hurricane" were both written against the backdrop of a growing climate crisis, and "Ladlands" zeroes in on social and political struggle, the rate at which change is happening, and the reality-warping nature of the echo-chamber. Guro Gikling from All We Are sings backing vocals across the whole album, except for Hurricane which Jess Allanic from Calva Louise appears on.

Dead Nature - Watch Me Break Apart album artwork | Download image here

Dead Nature - Watch Me Break Apart album track listing 1. Watch Me Break Apart 2. Hurricane 3. 50 Foot Wall 4. Borrowed Heart 5. Falling Down 6. Red Clouds 7. Rivers 8. Nothing Is Gonna Change 9. Ladlands Dead Nature: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram