Don't Worry (Specialist Subject) share new single "very Corner"

Don't Worry share new single 'Every Corner'


New album Remorseless Swing is out March 25th via

Specialist Subject

UK tour dates announced

“Huge, chunky melodies and choruses to be belted back after only one listen.” - DIY Magazine

“...taking the intensely personal and making it universal - and catchy too.” - The Line Of Best Fit

"A lovely, tender dose of classic-style indie rock." - Brooklyn Vegan Today, UK indie-rock band Don’t Worry have shared new single 'Every Corner'. The single is the third and final cut to be shared ahead of the release of their long-awaited second album, Remorseless Swing, which will be released on March 25th, 2022 via Specialist Subject. Since their inception in 2014, Don’t Worry have earned themselves a loyal following, releasing their debut album Who Cares Anyway? back in 2018. The band, helmed by co-lead singers Ronan Van Kehoe and Samuel Watson, write about everything from the mundanities of life to the relatively profound delivering a relatable commentary on modern day life. In October 2021, Don’t Worry dropped the first taste of their new album in the form of new single ‘Crushing Weight’. The single saw the band veering into slightly poppier territory than their previous output, whilst still maintaining their own signature brand of indie-rock. The band cite a diverse range of influences for their new record, combining the vocal harmonies of classic pop groups like The Beach Boys and The Beatles, the guitar stylings of US indie heroes Built To Spill and Pavement with the energy and quintessential ‘Britishness’ of acts like The Streets, The Cribs and Blur. On their new sound, Van Kehoe says “Although we were never a straight up emo band, that emo revival scene was very popular in the UK when we formed back in 2014. That’s the scene that booked us to play shows at the beginning, and it’s where we found a home for a while”. Fast forward to now and the pair have broadened their horizons and tastes. “We’re very excited to showcase a different sound from our band, and to see where that leads us,” he continues. With more time on their hands than usual, in 2020 the band were able to adapt to a new writing process. Exchanging remotely recorded ideas until they ended up with over 40 demos to choose from before heading into the studio to record. The whole process was a collaborative effort, allowing each member to pay more attention to detail than they had been previously able to, resulting in their most accomplished work to date. On their new single, 'Every Corner', Van Kehoe says: "'Every Corner' is a song about feeling uncomfortable in your surroundings. I wrote it in one sitting during the first lockdown in 2020. Not being able to go out and see people was driving me crazy. I was having trouble sleeping one night, and all the lyrics just came in one go. Each line of both verses plays on different “corners” of different things. The choruses each reference a different movie from when I was kid. Two movies that have similar names. Points to anyone who knows which movies they are. Musically, I was drawing inspiration from turn of the century American indie, including this one song “Waterslide” by a band called The Bonedaddys, which I heard in the Paul Rudd film I Love You, Man. Sam’s guitar melodies and vocal harmonies really elevate the song, and Alex and Tom’s rhythm section does exactly what I wanted it to do in my head. I think 'Every Corner' is pretty different from anything we’ve released in the past, and I’m excited for people to hear it!" Remorseless Swing was recorded in Spring 2021 at No Luck Audio, Exeter, a studio run by drummer Tom Gilbert, who, after touring with Don’t Worry in early 2020, playing with Soot Sprite, has joined the band full time. He along with bass player Alex Reed, Van Kehoe and Watson took a very hands on approach to the record’s production and the result is an album that's brimming with collaborative energy and creativity. Now eight years into their journey together, Don’t Worry are showing no signs of slowing down and are very much looking forward to taking their explosive new album on the road in Spring 2022.

19/05/22 - Cavern, Exeter 20/05/22 - The Four Horsemen, Bournemouth 21/05/22 - The Pipeline, Brighton 22/05/22 - The Moon, Cardiff 23/05/22 - The Library, Oxford 24/05/22 - Wharf Chambers, Leeds 25/05/22 - Fuel, Manchester 26/05/22 - Subside, Birmingham 27/05/22 - Voodoo Daddy's, Norwich 28/05/22 - Signature Brew, London


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