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East London Producer, Singer + Songwriter Naomi Kimpenu shares debut EP ‘Prelude’


East London singer, songwriter and producer Naomi Kimpenu unveils her standout debut EP ‘Prelude’, featuring the singles ‘Only’, ‘What About Me’ and ‘Who I Am’. (August 27th, 2021). ‘Prelude’ is the perfect introduction to the 22-year-old newcomer, who cites Sade, James Blake, Lana Del Rey and Alicia Keys as musical inspirations. Her powerful yet delicate vocals are undeniable, and her use of bold lyricism is accompanied perfectly with lush and endearing musical accompaniments. ‘Prelude’ is packed soulful, captivating melodies and its intricate cadences are undoubtedly timeless. Naomi is a young storyteller documenting her city and her world as she sees it. Naomi has received great support and plaudits from the likes of Jack Saunders and Sian Eleri on BBC Radio 1, Jess Iszatt on BBC Music Introducing and Dan Alani on Reprezent Radio. You can check out Naomi’s London session for BBC Introducing here. Naomi’s debut release ‘Only’ acts as the EP curtain opener and is a powerful ballad that showcases Naomi’s lyrical prowess. ‘Only’ is a song filled to the brim with raw emotion, highlighting the extent of which Naomi wears her heart on her sleeve. She comments on the track, which she dubbed as a goodbye letter, saying “It's about coming to terms with the end of a chapter of your life with someone and the struggle of letting go. I felt like the world as I knew it was changing rapidly so the premise of the song is seeking normality in the unknown.” ‘What About Me’, talks of being in a relationship, but still feeling that dreading sensation of loneliness. The song provides relatable lyrics that talk of struggling with finding closure, and moving on from the people you love, something most people can identify with. Naomi explains her emotion and the reasoning behind her lyrics with: “It's about seeking the closure we seldom ever receive, that we’re sometimes too afraid to ask for. I had always minimised my emotions, so this song is my way of standing up for myself, setting up boundaries and moving on.” Latest release ‘Who I Am’ brings an orchestral and gospel style element to the collection, as the track features a live string arrangement that compliment Naomi’s vocals beautifully. The track is a standout one on the EP, as the first few lines are completely acapella from Naomi, offering a form of intensity that gives the collection of songs an unexpected twist. Naomi comments: “Who I Am is a hymn to self-discovery, which chronicles the deepest part of our sorrows and the internal battle to discover who we are.Yellow Bridge' acts as the perfect conclusion — an uplifting, nostalgic coming-of-age song that is about Naomi, who she is and where she is from. Naomi says, “Yellow Bridge is a reflective song, which, when I wrote it, was about my personal circumstances and the people that I was around at the time.” Naomi wrote, recorded and produced the whole EP, as well as mixing the record. Mastering is courtesy of Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios. Overall, the innovative nature, spectacular classical-like arrangements and shattering vocals make this record well worth a few listens and proves that Naomi is cementing herself as one of the UK’s buzziest newcomers and unforgettable storytellers. The title of this record is not only self-explanatory but a reflection of where Naomi is at in her career. This is not just the beginning, but the shape of things to come.

'Prelude’ Tracklisting:

1. Only

2. What About Me

3. Who I Am

4. Yellow Bridge

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