• Tyler

LIVE REVIEW: Elvana @ O2 Academy, Leeds.

Based in the North East, Bandaged Moon’s synth pop offers something a little different for the evening's support band.

Dave Charlton certainly stands out as front man, with his hypnotic dance moves and white suit he reminded me of Jarvis Cocker. While at times the social commentary felt a little unnecessary, he certainly doesn't lack charisma.

I enjoyed Bandaged Moon, there's something admirable about a band like this giving a relaxed and confident performance to warm up the crowd nicely. If you're a fan of 80's nostalgia this might just be the band for you.

The songs had me tapping my feet along with the band and, as Dave himself said, “you might not know the words but you can throw some shapes”.

Now let me say this straight out of the gate - Elvana rocks way harder than I ever expected. The concept of an Elvis fronted Nirvana cover band sounds like a groan worthy novelty act, not exactly headline worthy. I mean, it's a cover band. At least that's what I thought going in. But when you see Elvana on stage, you'll understand why these guys can perform on the main stage of Bingley and pack the O2.

Elvana ooze confidence and charisma from a combination of the King of Rock himself and the Kings of early 90s grunge. "Elvis Cobain" dons a jumpsuit Elvis himself would be proud of, whilst the Bray Bros' shiny domes and crisp suits are a callback to classic bands of the 50’s, which really adds some flair to the aesthetics.

The band isn't all visuals either. Covering Nirvana whilst mashing them up with some of Elvis's hits keeps the tracks sounding fresh as the crowd jump and sing like they are seeing the original artists up on stage.

Overall, Elvana shouldn’t work, yet it does. And, not only does it work but the energy they bring is genuinely infectious. Take Elvana as just another cover band and you’ll be missing out on a hell of a good time.

As their website says - It smells like cheesburgers and teen spirit, daddy-o!