Emerging alt-pop project Bar Pandora announces debut EP and shares new single 'Look At Me'

Bar Pandora announces debut self-titled EP will be released on July 5th

New single 'Look At Me' shared

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“Featuring dynamic beats and rich undercurrents, it’s a bold statement that sees Bar Pandora ready to confess on her forthcoming EP.” LOCK Magazine

Today, Bar Pandora has announced her debut self-titled EP is set to be released on July 5th via the sharing of intoxicating new single 'Look At Me'. The single is the second cut to be shared from Bar Pandora, following on from 'Dear Man' which came out last month and earned the project early support from BBC Radio 6 Music's Amy Lamé. Bar Pandora is the alt-pop project of Coventry based artist Charlie Tophill. The project owes its name to a literary cafe in La Latina, Madrid, where in 2017 she used to hang out with her friends talking literature, life and feminism over red wine and fizzy sweets. Retrospectively inspired by the empowerment these friendships engendered, Tophill created Bar Pandora in 2021 as a musical project seeking to redress the balance of a life shadowed by self-imposed limitation and baseless inhibition. Of her new single, Tophill says: “This song is about the feeling that as a woman you grow up so acutely aware that the world is looking at you and judging you that you begin to feel creatively paralysed by it. It’s a complex thing - but I think back to my years growing up and realise that it was such a powerful invisible force in my life, the involuntary sense of commodity that comes with being in a female body.” Drawn to the idea of collaborating with a producer who works outside of the musical world she usually inhabits, Tophill, who has previously released music under her own name, began working on her debut EP with jungle producer Simply Dread. The result is deliciously off-kilter yet melodious alt-pop, playfully sewn together from the offcuts of personal experience; field recordings, journal entries and improvised fragments which bop along to a rich undercurrent of harmonic synths, guitars and dynamic beats. The songs that make up Bar Pandora’s debut EP are penned with mischievous frankness, delivering confessional composites of personal histories, inner monologues and self-building proclamations which are simultaneously singular and familiar. "My lyrics are made up of my inner voices,” explains Tophill, who regularly uses lines from her diary in her songs. “The voice that tells me what I want to do, the one that tells me I can’t do it, and the one that tells me that last voice was full of shit.”


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