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EP REVIEW: Abbacaxi - Endless

Abbacaxi is an Irish multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter.

His name is an intentional misspelling of the Portuguese word for pineapple. “With the fruit’s sweet and juicy associations, and the extra 'b' a subtle nod to Abba's sing-song disco sounds.” I’m a big fan of Abba, so when I read this I guessed I was in for a treat.

His self-produced debut EP, ‘Endless’ is quite special and it’s made me think I probably don’t listen to as much electronic music as I should.

He’s very versatile, confidently drawing on a broad range of styles including jazz, funk, house, old-school disco, trip-hop and R&B, all while adding his own twist and a modern appeal. Mixing genres can go horribly wrong, but it can also sound great. He’s nailed it!

I love his melancholic chords, bubbling neo-soul vocals and funky bass lines.

The title track is a euphoric banger. It has an animated music video, which is definitely worth watching.

There’s a lot of ‘90s nostalgia that recalls dance luminaries including St Germain, Massive Attack and Daft Punk - in an interview he said that Discovery (my favourite electronica album of this century) is one of the records that shaped his creativity. His effortlessly cool sound creates something truly mesmerising. It’s refreshing to hear dance music made by a session musician.

I would love to see him live, I’ve heard his shows are really emotional. His summer and late-night grooves would be perfect for a festival, it’s sure to get you dancing.

Endless is OUT NOT!