• Amy

EP REVIEW: Band of Silver - Maybe Next Time

Hailing from Nashville Tennessee Band of Silver are anything but country! The band first started releasing music in 2019. They put out two albums last year "False Paradise" in October followed by "Endless Lullaby" a month later.

I've decided to review this as an EP however I think it's actually a single "Maybe Next Time" with the rest of the singles they've released over the last few months added as b-sides but I've listened to, and enjoyed all 5 songs so they all deserve inclusion!

This "EP" is phenomenal! I loved it from the first time I heard it. It's instantly catchy and over the course of the last couple of days each song has been stuck in my head at some point.

Described as indie rock the band draw massive influence from the 80's.

This record has some massive danceability. I was trying to work whilst listening but found myself doing some serious hair flicking, head swaying and arm waving! Thank goodness I live on my own because I must have looked crazy! I challenge you to sit still while listening to a single song on this EP, it can't be done!

Each track has an 80's poppy vibe reminding me of Madonna and Kim Wilde. It's highly infectious with some incredible guitar solos and riffs along with some sensational vocals.

Lyrically the themes are love, loss and realisation.

"The Winning Team" talks about hanging on because someone promised they'll change but never does while "Prim and Proper" talks about finally getting someone out of your life. The latter is probably the one that's been in my head most with its funky beat and groovy vocals.

Title track “Maybe Next Time” as all the other tracks sounds straight of the 80’s with a bit of a rockier edge and New Romantic vibe. It has a captivating bridge and an epic chorus that makes you want to go out dancing.