• Amy

EP Review: Big Drink - It Was Supposed To Be So Easy

Big Drink (formerly A New Hope) are a heavy pop punk band from Newbury and Hereford.

They have released a plethora of singles since their formation. It Was Supposed To Be So Easy EP is the follow up to the 2018 A New Hope EP.

Their sound is quite a mixed bag. While essentially pop punk there are massive influences from much heavier genres. It's easy to hear aspects they have borrowed from other bands but overall the way they combine genres and blur lines means they're fresh and unique.

They are riff heavy with epic drums and infectious pop-ish melodies while their lyrics are full of angst and melancholia over lost loves and despair that life doesn't always turn out how it should.

Opener “Broken Lights” leans heavily on Metalcore and Screamo and sounds uncannily like Blessthefall. The only issue with this song is at 53 seconds long it sucks you in only to end just as you're about to rock out. I'd like to see a rerecorded, much longer version on their next EP.

I think "Cerebro" is the most danceable, and definitely one of my favourites. I got some serious Chevelle vibes from this one.

“Swag Bag" is a good honest Pop Punk song with an infectious sound, catchy chorus and just a taste of heavier vocals that contrast perfectly and give the song depth.

"M.O" is another song that's super catchy and reminds me of New Found Glory. I particularly enjoy the chanty chorus. I like the raw emotion in the vocals. It's an epic track that needs to be played loud! Great mosh pit song!

"Different Circles" is again a pop punk, metalcore mash up that, like "M.O." could easily have been recorded by New Found Glory but with some added anger and unclean vocals.

"For the Clout" is my personal favourite. It's a great song to channel some serious angst to. Great riffs, great drums, great vocals and perfect lyrics. I was singing along from the first listen. Added to my favourites playlist immediately!

Overall this EP is fantastic, raw, angry, emotional but also upbeat and catchy. It's well written, well performed and sounds like it comes from a band with a lot more than 1500 monthly Spotify listens. Big Drink are definitely ones to watch in the future!