To be Released on June 10th via Grey Ghost Records.

Birmingham 3 piece, Creature are volatile and feral but with a cause, in this EP they explore the themes of war and austerity and challenge the greedy and complacent. I would describe them as a Potent rampaging apocalyptical hurricane.

Haunt is the final volume in the I trilogy of EPs, preceded by 2019’s Hex and Hound. What makes them so relatable is the hard issues ordinary people face from trauma and anxiety to inequality and violence. Accumulating 1141 listeners monthly via Spotify, I’m left disappointed at the hardcore and metal scene over seeing this band and more people really need to get on this band wagon! Current EP and previous EP cover art work were all created by UK artist Luke Preece known for his works with Ghost, Metallica and Slipknot. I love the detailed gritty comic art style. It’s iconic and staple to art within metal genres all inspired by Science Fiction and Fantasy. “All” demonstrates meaty Riffs and Distorted vocals. The music video provides nightmare-fuel psychedelic bad-trip visuals, designed to make the viewer uncomfortable, however, quite the head banger in the dingy down tuned break downs. Including an Anti-chorus “when your heart stops beating you’ll feel alive when you go to hell” With ever so slightly 80’s post-punk embellishment. A great way to fuel an existential crisis. “Grey Ghosts” is Very full on and will definitely rip your face off with its fast paced tempos and pulsating bass, math-rock influences and rhythms this track is always twisting and turning, leaving no room for predictability. I recommend using headphones to feel the full range and experience the vocal fry cackle in your ears. Following is “Creeping” Which is urgent messy chaos and pure noise. “bleugh” is iconic for any metal band, there is no room to breathe in this track just straight up pent up energy exploding. And Finally “Lines” That eventually demonstrates clean vocals which gave me some relief as these tracks are way too full on to what I am used to, the lyrics “ No I can’t help it, No I can’t help it” haunts my mind as it fades into a melodic outro. One of the most thrilling EPs I have had the pleasure to review, I highly reccomend.