• Amy

EP REVIEW: Klangstof - Ocean View EP

The new EP from Dutch indie rockers Klangstof probably isn’t for everyone.

First listen was hard work, it’s slow and mysterious, not an easy or instantly likeable listen, at least for me. If I was casually listening I’d have skipped after the first song but I persevered and it grew on me, slightly.

It has a dreamy yet macabre tone reminiscent of Sigur Ros or later Radiohead. It demands your full attention yet at times gets no attention at all. I’ve played this four track EP over and over at times listening intently and at others hearing nothing but background noise.

If I’m being honest the record isn’t to my taste much like the bands I’ve likened it to aren’t. I’ve always desperately wanted to understand the hype surrounding Radiohead but I never have. I find this subsection of indie a little drab and uninspiring.

The stand out track for me is Silver Cloud with its upbeat tone. It feels more accessible and easier to listen to than the rest of the EP.

Ocean View is undeniably a very good record but it’s also an acquired taste, it’s definitely worth a listen. And while I don’t think I'll be revisiting it any time soon if you’re a fan of this ilk of music I’m fairly certain you’re going to love it.

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