• Amy

EP REVIEW: Los Saints - Welcome To Confusion

My first reaction to this EP was wow! I’d never heard of Los Saints prior to being asked to write this review. I didn’t do any research prior to listening so anything could have been about to come out of my speakers. What came out was an incredibly pleasant and welcome surprise.

First track sounded like something the Strokes could have written while Oh Snap gave me some serious summer vibes. The whole EP is heavy with jangly indie guitars, melodic singalong choruses and sounds that take you back to the early 2000’s. If I had to pick a track that stood out as weaker than the rest I would choose Lost You. Its verses are more serious and low key, but everyone sometimes needs that more pensive moment.

Overall the Welcome To Confusion EP is basically faultless. If you enjoy bands like The Strokes, Frans Ferdinand and The Vines then I’m pretty sure you'll enjoy this. If I had my way it’d be playing at every indie disco this summer!

Welcome To Confusion EP is out now!

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