• Amy

EP REVIEW: Malia - What’s After “I Love You?”

While Malia’s musical style isn’t really to my taste there’s no denying it’s a very good example of R&B and I definitely found myself enjoying it far more than my guitar loving self expected to.

Slow jams, summer vibes and seductive saxophones. Malia’s voice is smooth and easy to listen to. The whole EP is very calming, I found myself listening to the overall sound more than taking too much notice of what the lyrics were about. I did think a lot of the songs sounded very similar but that is potentially my ignorance to the genre more than a reflection on the record.

I particularly enjoyed More than Love which references the EP’s title and Undone which nicely ends the record on a more upbeat note. Every song had me swaying along and feeling generally chilled and the short sax interludes were nice to bring the pace down even more.

Would I listen to What’s After “I Love You?” Probably on a sunny day when I’m chilling. For me it’s background music, something to relax and zone out to rather than listen to through headphones and give my full concentration.

Do I recommend it for fans of this type of music? Yes absolutely I think you’ll really enjoy it, MALIA’s clearly a very talented lady.

What's After "I Love You?" is out now.

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