• Amy

EP REVIEW: Squiggles - Look What What We Have Done EP

I love love love this EP!!

Rising from the ashes of The Spook School and as lockdown took hold and everyone found themselves questioning life Squiggles, the solo project of Niall McCamley, was started as a way to rekindle the excitement at making new friends and going on new adventures.

Squiggles ethos is simple, it's about being nice to one another. With a fitting manifesto of:

"You are not alone.

You are a Squiggle.

Together we are Squiggles.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to each other."

There really is nothing to dislike about Squiggles and their reason for being. A "cult" of strangers who are also friends by proxy.

While all that stuff is lovely it's not what you listen to on Spotify but I can safely say the music is as good as Squiggles attitude!

The Look What We Have Done EP is a fine burst of Bedroom Rock. It's perfectly under produced sound fitting nicely with the types of music I find myself drawn to at the moment. Plenty of catchy lyrics and toe tapping rhythms I'm personally struggling to find anything not to love about Squiggles.

We Only Came Here For Your Heart, which is my personal favourite, is full of some big riffs. While This Is a Wake up Call has an infectious punky chorus that can’t help but get lodged in your brain. The whole EP features some beautiful female vocals that compliment Niall’s really well along with lots of playful guitars that perfectly encapsulate the quirky eccentricity of Squiggles.

I thoroughly enjoyed this EP, listening to it a line three times without break and highly recommend joining the "Squiggles Cult"

Look What What We Have Done EP is available on all major streaming platforms now!

Connect with Niall and become a Squiggle HERE