EP REVIEW: Void Of Vision- Chronicles II: Heaven

To be released April 29th via UNFD

Australian Metalcore band Void of Vision are back with Chronicles II: Heaven, a follow up EP to last year’s Chronicles I: Lust.

This band is a blend of metal and electronic synths that has you on the edge of your seat, screaming every lyric at you.

Chronicles I:Lust represented the dark torterous angst that left the band members experiencing throughout the pandemic whereas Chronicles II: Heaven, represents hope and the light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

The EP starts with “BERGHAIN” with ferocious guitar riffs and painful screams before breaking out the nightmarish whispers. The chorus transitions into a singable melody ” …Take me, Take me away” sticks in my head in praise of vocalist Jack Bergin debuting silky-smooth clean vocal performance.

Entering with lustrious dark-synth hooks and nasty industrial bass riffs, “DOMINATRIX” describes sensualism and intimacy in an aggressive way possible. Whereas “SAINT MISERABLE” takes on chaos and noise to the extreme with the meanest of break downs in the entire EP whilst contrasting with a glittery cinematic chorus.

“INTO THE DARK” introduces us to industrial influences of trippy warbling arpeggios and filthy tornado riffs. I would argue this is the most emotive track on the EP sporting deliciously creepy whispers as well as raw clean empathetic vocals. Finally, “ALTAR” demonstrates pure carnage but also the softest contrasts featuring Hannah Hermione Greenwood’s gentle ethereal vocals.

Overall, This 5 track EP is surely to get adrenaline running, this band is merely sharpening their metal claws, they are surely building something great! It’s not an EP to leisurely play in the background but is ideal for a brutal battle playlist!

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