• Amy

EP REVIEW: With the Punches - Discontent

Formed in New York back in 2008 With the Punches have released 2 full length albums since formation, the "Discontent" EP signifies them breaking their 9 year hiatus.

I really enjoyed this EP. I thought the opening track “Stoneham Blues” was weaker than the rest. I like it but found it to be the song I clicked with the least. There were a lot of chaotic drums and a frantic sound meaning at times it felt like the vocals were battling to make themselves heard. The rest of the EP was an absolute gem and a real treat for the ears!

Title track "Discontent" much like the rest of the EP is a favourable from the off Pop Punk song with the genres signature fast past guitars and pop-ish melodies. The lyrics talk about treading water to survive and hone in on the angst laden themes often present in pop punk music.

"Mirage" is without a doubt my favourite. I'd only heard about three words and my first reaction was WOW! It's totally infectious! I'd added it to multiple playlists by verse two. I could hear elements of early The Wonder Years, who are my absolute favourite band, so that comparison is the highest praise I could give. I love the vocals on this track, in fact I love everything about it!

“Almost Everything” is another belter of an anthem and very quintessential of the genre along with “Path Dependent” which I found myself likening to Sum 41's Fat Lip.

The EP is riff heavy, anthemic, catchy and almost perfect. I could hear elements from bands such as New Found Glory, Neck Deep and so many other pioneers of the genre. With the Punches definitely packed a punch with the "Discontent" EP and I'm excited to see what the future has in store for the band! I look forward to checking out their other material.