Gal Go Grey share new single "FLAMA" + announce self-titled debut out 16th March

Gal Go Grey share new single "FLAMA" + Announce self-titled debut record out 16th March via Good Question New project from long-time King Krule collaborator Ignacio “Galgo” Salvadores & experimental producer Tom Grey Pre-order "Gal Go Grey"

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Today, enigmatic London-based duo Gal Go Grey arrive with their new single "FLAMA". The new track is accompanied by the announcement of their self-titled debut album, which is due out 16th March via Good Question. Gal Go Grey is the product of Argentinian saxophonist Ignacio Salvadores aka Galgo and Tom Grey, a London born experimental producer. A key collaborator with Archy Marshall, Ignacio was one of the forces behind King Krule’s Mercury Prize nominated The Ooz and named as one of the central influences for Man Alive, King Krule’s most recent record. Gal Go Grey follows Ignacio’s latest solo project, Vacio Fuego, which Pitchfork called “a burst of passion that’s mysterious and striking.” On “FLAMA” Ignacio pushes his saxophone to the limit, while Grey’s trudging drums and lush pads engulf the low end of the mix. This combination of acoustic and electronic sound creates a visceral energy that originally emerged in the dynamic and unpredictable live performances Gal Go Grey played before lockdown struck. HEAR / SHARE "FLAMA" HERE Though the new record was primarily conceived and created during lockdown, the majority of the tracks derive from a rehearsal recording just before a pre-COVID gig. Rather than recreate many of the sax and vocal recordings or live electronics in a studio environment after the fact, Galgo and Tom chose to use these original takes to maintain the live improvisational energy. The result is tracks like “Burns” in which Ignacio casually sings as if through a phone while he’s enwrapped in a swathing pad and thumping beat. And so dichotomies are danced with - creating music that is at once performed and produced, improvised and arranged. Speaking about the new record, Ignacio says, "If I had found a better way to spend my existence it’s very likely I wouldn’t play music, I’ll keep seeking though, whilst I refuge in it. It’s about sounds, emotions, sparks, loneliness and encounters; music connects individuals to themselves and to the collective, as neurons dance together in electricity. It was natural to meet Tom and work together on these pieces, we just had to move aside and let things unravel in the center; the rest needs no words but some gentle ears and unquiet bodies." Throbbing textures, cathartic saxophone and cascading beats; such is the sound of Gal Go Grey. If The Comet Is Coming created the soundtrack of a dance party to celebrate the apocalypse, Gal Go Grey are playing the 5am afterparty. They dance in limbo, crossing genres and bending moods, creating a sonic landscape of rapture in descent.

"Gal Go Grey" is out 16th March via Good Question Pre-order HERE

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Tracklisting: 01. Brief 02. Smoke 03. FLAMA 04. Shh 05. Cable 06. Burns 07. COAST 08. Zzz

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