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Georgia and Savage Gary (Dan Carey) share performance of "Nothing To Say"

Georgia & Savage Gary share session video for "Nothing To Say" recorded at Speedy Wunderground HQ WATCH HERE The 21st release taken from the labels in-lockdown ‘Quarantine Series’

“Well there are still no gigs and we really wanted to perform it live and play it LOUD. So instead me and G brought the party to the studio. It was a LOT of fun, as you can see." Dan Carey WATCH "NOTHING TO SAY" (LIVE FROM SPEEDY WUNDERGROUND HQ) HERE Speedy Wunderground have started 2021 as they mean to go on, the lack of live opportunities doing nothing to halt the momentum of a label that has always thrived on never sitting still. Following a start to the year that has seen the release of the first new material from revered songwriter Stephen Fretwell in 13 years, a new collaboration between Polish avant-pop artist Brodka and Scottibrains and the latest single release from much-tipped Hebden Bridge teenagers The Lounge Society, Speedy Wunderground announced the thrilling 21st release taken from the label's in-lockdown Quarantine Series at the and of last month. As with previous releases, it saw Savage Gary - the pseudonym of label boss and producer Dan Carey - pairing his own arrangements to a vocal contribution, this time from Domino Recordings' Georgia. Mercury nominated for last year's "Seeking Thrills", and recently announced as 2021's ambassador for Love Record Stores, Georgia is a long-term friend of Dan's, the two of them having played together as bandmates in an early incarnation of Kae Tempest's live set-up.

PHOTO CREDIT: RYAN SARADJOLA | DOWNLOAD HI-RES HERE An undeniable banger, "Nothing To Say" features skewed, fidgety electro and carnival-pop from Carey propelled by an immediate and surefire vocal hook from Georgia, who had the following to say about their decision to collaborate and the single: "I love Savage Gary. I love Dan. When he sent me the initial beat it was so different and beautiful in its simplicity that the melody just came to me instantaneously. I put down the vocals in a couple hours and sent them to Dan.... next thing you know it sounds like this! FIRE." The track was mixed by Dan’s 16 year old daughter Orla Carey. Who has previously mixed records for Scottibrains, Goat Girl, Pynch and Girl Ray - proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Today, knowing they've musical fireworks here in "Nothing To Say" that they can't set off in the live environment just yet, close friends of the label Alex Gent and Daisy J Smith at Ampix got Georgia and Dan got together at the Speedy Wunderground studio in order to film a session that captures exactly what we're missing out on. Whilst not forgetting to pump in some billowing smoke and lasers for the occasion, too. WATCH "NOTHING TO SAY" (LIVE FROM SPEEDY WUNDERGROUND HQ) HERE "Nothing To Say" will see a vinyl release later this year as part of Savage Gary - Quarantine Sampler 3, the third EP to collect what has now been over 12 months of locked-down Wunderground gems from Carey and friends.

More information on Speedy Wunderground and The Quarantine Series: In 2020, the London-based label run by producer Dan Carey alongside Alexis Smith and Pierre Hall were coveted with the 'Best Small Label' Award by AIM (Association of Independent Music) after being nominated for the second year in a row. Carey also picked up the UK Producer of The Year earlier in the year at the prestigious Music Producer Guild Awards following production for the critically acclaimed second album ‘A Hero’s Death’ by Fontaines D.C. which landed a well-documented No. 2 position in the official album charts. With Speedy – they released their fastest ever selling 7” (and only ever repress since black midi’s incendiary debut ‘bmbmbm’) – The Lounge Society’s timely tour de force ‘Generation Game’ – the second band to be signed to the label for a forthcoming EP release following Squid’s ‘Town Centre’ EP in 2019. They also put out the label's first ever full album release – Tiña’s ‘Positive Mental Health Music’ to critical-acclaim in November. When COVID hit – bringing bands into the studio wasn’t an option and so the label started an ongoing project called The Quarantine Series in which Carey under his ‘Savage Gary’ techno/electronic alter ego collaborated with artists and friends, old and new over the internet and then uploaded them to the label's Soundcloud/socials with little or no fanfare – no PR-ing or radio pluggers, just letting them do their own thing, organically. The series now reaches its 21st release – the trajectory of these is in effect broadening the scope of the label itself. With the larger influence of beats and electronics it’s resulting in tracks that are more electronic based than before. "It’s interesting’ says Carey, "as I’ve always loved electronic music – but because Speedy is so band-based – it has naturally led to more of that post-punk thing I suppose we’re known for. However because of COVID it’s forced us into this new way of working, which has been a positive – as it’s letting these other influences, which were always there – come through". The common thread throughout all of these is Carey, whether it be in his regular name or his Savage Gary guise. However collaborators in the series so far have included a wide range of people: Kae Tempest, PVA, Willy Mason, Heartworms, Warmduscher, DEWEY, Charlotte Spiral, Boxed In, Stephen Fretwell, Goat Girl and more. "Some like Kae or Boxed In are old friends / Speedy family." He says. "Some like Heartworms are just people that have reached out over the internet or Instagram – so having that time to be able to collaborate with new people has been good." He says of the latest single "I've been good friends with Georgia for a long time - ever since G and I used to make tunes on the OP-1 for fun on the Kae Tempest tour bus, I've known I wanted to make a record with her. We've both been so busy and it's taken a while to get round to it but, ironically, lockdown gave us that chance - as part of the series." And, that pattern continuing, "I made a beat, she sang on it..." ************************* The Quarantine Series Speedy Wunderground Twitter Facebook Instagram Listen/Buy **************************