Glasgow duo Comfort sign to FatCat Recs & share "My Bias" + EP "All Fears, Fully Formed" out 26/08

Comfort sign to FatCat Records and announce new EP "All Fears, Fully Formed" + Share new single "My Bias" Watch HERE | Listen HERE Out 26th August via Fat Cat Records

Today, inimitable Glasgow sibling duo Comfort return with the announcement of their new EP, "All Fears, Fully Formed", and a new single titled "My Bias". The EP also comes alongside the news of the band signing to FatCat Records, who will be releasing the EP on 26th August.

Having developed their sound through years of intensive writing and performing in spaces aligned with Glasgow's queer/punk scene, the EP follows Comfort's genre-defying, self-released debut album "Not Passing", and electrically charged follow-up single "Received Life" which was released via Slow Dance Records. The band's infectious energy and raw messages have seen them earn early plaudits at press both on record and for the sheer power of their live shows, having played alongside the likes of Armand Hammer, Goat Girl and Protomartyr.

Recorded with Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub) at Castle of Doom studios in Glasgow, the new single "My Bias" sees the duo further push the envelope of their uncompromising beat-driven sound. Combining sparse industrial soundscapes with propulsive drums, and glitchy, leftfield electronics, the track is a perfect example of their undefinable yet danceable output. This is all brought together with frontwoman Natalie's explosive and emotionally incisive lyrics about deep-rooted socials issues and intergenerational biases.

Speaking on the single Natalie says, "As I have allowed myself to be who I am more, since coming out, I have had to contend with the ways in which I have been conditioned to hate certain aspects of myself, to downplay who I am and to feel as though I shouldn't exist. My Bias is a song which tackles how this lack of self-worth is formed."


‘Comfort’ is a word that implies safety, convention, its connotations are parental, soft and neutral. For a band whose music and live performance is deeply original, emotional and challenging, the innocuous band name is an initial challenge to expectations. Sibling duo Natalie and Sean re-located to Glasgow with the intention of forming a band that resisted traditions.

Comfort’s set up consists of Sean on drums and Natalie as magnetic frontwoman, backed by wildly oscillating software synths to create music that is direct and engaging. Rejecting industry standards regarding how a song is supposed to be written and produced, the confrontational vulnerability inherent in their music reaches for a personal, yet queer liberation within a constrictive society.

Starting with electronics, their instinctive creative process is guided by feeling and a rejection of formal composition. As siblings, Natalie and Sean’s deep understanding and unwavering trust of one another allows them to push each other beyond self-imposed thresholds. Through consistently recording their writing process, they build upon their initial reactions to ideas forming structures out of improvisation to create an organic and flow-like state to their music. Lyrically Natalie is inspired by her lived experience of a near perpetual injustice, the assertion that all art is essentially political runs through their work.

Their debut album, "Not Passing", was released in 2019. Following this, the band have continued to develop their sound via DIY shows, touring across the UK and Europe. In 2021, the band signed with Fat Cat Records following the submission of an unsolicited demo. This resulted in the opportunity to record with Tony Doogan at Castle of Doom studios in Glasgow. Over sessions spanning 3 weeks, the band co-produced enough material to create an EP and LP, the latter of which is due to be released Q1 2023 via FatCat Records. Accompanied by self-produced music videos, both projects are a snapshot of a group disengaged from genre specifics.

Comfort are defiantly queer in social landscape which proves to be fertile ground for transphobic backlash. They have reinterpreted the ethos of punk music for the 21st century sending a clear message that they hold no interest in finding a middle ground with bigotry. In an industry where playlists are king, and aesthetic rules, Comfort are unconcerned with fitting in. As the validity of trans identities is consistently in question, Comfort create music demanding freedom not tolerance

"All Fears, Fully Formed" is out 26th August via FatCat Records

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Said Enough

My Bias

Paradise Deleted


Forthcoming tour dates:

13th Aug - Supernormal Fest

25th Aug - Green Door Store, Brighton

27th Aug - The Fox and Firkin, London

28th Aug - Broadcast, Glasgow

3rd Sep - West Galler, The Hague (EU)

1st Oct - The Old Hairdresser, Glasgow

14th Oct - The Flying Duck, Glasgow

13th Nov - Sonic City Festival, Belgium (EU)