Hiro Ama is In The Right Place

Animal Emotions

New EP released 20th May 2022 on PRAH Recordings

Check out In The Right Place here - http://ffm.to/intherightplace

"Hiro Ama’s approach to electronic music is gentle, warm and friendly, taking in different influences and weaving them into something intimate.” - Resident Advisor"Beautiful, reflective and personal.. an intriguing musical diary" - Electronic Sound

“As a human being it’s really important to feel and express emotions whether happy or sad,” says Hiro Amamiya, the Teleman drummer whose solo guise is Hiro Ama. “I sometimes struggle to and so these are a collection of songs that explore different emotions. I want people to feel something through my music so I called this EP Animal Emotions.”

Amamiya follows up on swiftly on 2020’s field recording-heavy EP Uncertainty with a record made in his bedroom and during a time of introspection to create something even more personal. “On Uncertainty I was using sounds from everywhere and whatever sounded good,” he says. “But for Animal Emotions I stuck with fewer instruments so the EP feels much more united.”

In The Right Place was written during a difficult time for Hiro during his mid-20’s and ruminates that, although it may take a while, there is a ‘right place’ for everyone. “It may take years to find it but I strongly feel that everything and everyone has the right place to be and we just need to keep searching for it.”

The moods, tones and emotions on the EP shift as seamlessly as the genres, never quite settling into one single place and constantly exploring and expanding into new musical terrain. A process mirrored by Amamiya’s own varied influences and tastes that were funnelled into the record, from film soundtracks to IDM to spiritual jazz such as November Cotton Flower by Marion Brown and Harvest by Pharoah Sanders.

Ultimately though, despite the variety of influences, moods, emotions and sonic approaches that have shaped this record, it’s ultimately one about connection. “I just want people to feel something when they listen to this EP,” he says. “I’m not very good at expressing things through my mouth but hopefully I’ve done it ok through my music.”


1. Free Soul

2. Autumn Colours

3. Outside

4. Wheat Field

5. In The Right Place

6. From Joy To Sorrow

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