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Holiday Ghosts sign to FatCat Records, share new single "Mr. Herandi" | New album "North Street Air"

HOLIDAY GHOSTS Sign to FatCat Records and announce new album North Street Air Watch the video for "Mr. Herandi" HERE

Holiday Ghosts | Photo credit: Holiday Ghosts | Download image here

Holiday Ghosts are today announcing their singing to FatCat Records, for the release of third album North Street Air. The album's first single "Mr. Herandi" is out now and available to stream HERE. Holiday Ghosts - based in Brighton, via Falmouth, and comprised of drummer Katja Rackin and guitarist Sam Stacpoole - mine the works of eras past to cast the best of artists such as The Kinks, Violent Femmes, Alex Chilton and Modern Lovers as a backdrop onto which they deconstruct a myriad of social issues. Themes of breaking out of moulds and expectations whilst addressing displacement, disillusionment, and living in the midst of heavy advertising and commercial landscapes, spider their way through the new record. Nowhere else on North Street Air is the weight of capitalism on creative cultures more directly assessed than on new single "Mr. Herandi", a song about their landlord. Drummer Katja Rackin comments: "I was introduced to issues of social inequality at a really young age because my parents were political refugees and got me involved in debates and conversations that allowed me to question my surroundings and society. Outside of music I do a lot of writing in response to current social issues. I think my music does this in a more inward sense, and is often rooted in metaphorical themes of deconstructing pre-conceived ideas, and naturally becomes a way for me to place myself within the surroundings that I’m so often critiquing." Guitarist Sam Stacpoole adds: "This song started out as a joke / folky country song I wrote almost on the spot. Just looping the chords and commenting on ways it felt like an unfair deal with our Landlord/ Tennant situation. The landlord is taking the stance of being completely oblivious to the standards of what he’s paid large sums monthly for whilst living abroad. All the lines are directly factual to the situation we were in at that point and his name really is Mr Herandi. We also recorded it in his house which was directly above his letting agents." Listen to Mr. Herandi HERE and watch the video below.

More about Holiday Ghosts UK South coasters, relocating from West to East: Katja Rackin and Sam Stacpoole have been grafting and honing alone, away from the expertise of music producers and other governors since 2016. The result is unadulterated and unclean, unabashed and uncompromised. Through their love of artists such as The Kinks, Alex Chilton and The Nerves or any other artist who spends less time with the polishing cloth and more time with the power shower, Holiday Ghosts make music with a lean and primitive rock n roll spirit. Drums are stripped naked to the point of metronome status and no stomp boxes, nor cahons or didgeridoos could obscure the energy of guitars at their rawest. In stories of landlords, steady jobs, wrong turns, short straws, sunny moods and city life, Kat and Sam share lead vocals alongside returning band-mate and song writer, Charlie Murphy, and a host of other musicians from Falmouth, Cornwall where the band began. Two albums in with Punk Slime Records and a casually bandcamped EP, Holiday Ghosts are back with their 3rd full length - North Street Air on FatCat Records (May 2021) - 12 songs of love, hate and everything in between. Continuing about the album Katja Rackin says: "North Street is the busiest and most polluted feeling street in Brighton, and for 6 months that’s where we lived. Having the city center at your doorstep provides so many bizarre experiences and scenarios, so many weird and interesting people, continuous noise, and crowds."

Holiday Ghosts - North Street Air album artwork | Credit: Joe Fenwick-Wilson | Download image here

Holiday Ghosts - North Street Air track listing 1. Mr. Herandi 2. Off Grid 3. Blood Orange 4. North Street Air 5. Bathing Suit 6. 3rd Dream 7. Makin A Fool 8. Total Crisis 9. Leaving Today 10. Told My Baby 11. Glue 12. Wallpaper Holiday Ghosts: Facebook | Instagram